Todays riots in Tunis. Oct 14 2011

One of Vlad’s Dutch contacts has been kind enough to struggle with English to try and impress on me, how serious todays riots in Tunisia are. I posted down below on the initial cause of the riots. The broadcast of a movie which has things that are objectionable to religious Muslims. This has become the dog-bites-man of counter jihad news of course.

This however, he has explained to me, is an order of magnitude more serious than just this. I will post the Dutch news report below but it is not subtitled, however the Arabic parts are titled in Dutch. If any bilingual Dutch people reading this would like to work with me to translate this video for subtitles please paste the translation in the comments with times before each sentence more or less so I can plug it in to the video.

Below, is a screen cap from the riot scene with a translation of what he is saying:

“we kill all the Jews. We massacre the entire race”

We kill all the Jews, we massacre the entire race

So how did being upset at an Iranian expat’s animated autobiographical movie become about genocide of the Jews? My guess is because they are Muslims and genocide of the Jewish people is, certainly at this time as well as in antiquity, a dominant note in the Islamic triad.

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  1. See previous comment about the Caliphate, the only thing that may slow this rebuilding down is the way the Moslem nations are running out of money to buy food, their currency is worthless on the world stage and they are running out of Western currency.

  2. Unfortunately we have at least 50 million arselifters already in Europe. Plenty of trojans and sleeper cells that is and there are pouring in even more of them everyday of the week. Soon they will be able to topple at least some governments here.

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