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4 Replies to “More on Tunis Oct 14 2011”

  1. I am actually happy with this. This will lead to fewer people from the tourist community visiting this hell hole. It was OK before but so much has changed. Egypt is of course also suffering from the same loss of revenue from a slackening of visiting tourists. I am all for going on holiday but not in some muslim hell hole. There is a place in Thailand which has the hilarious name of Phuket. Say as it is and you will get the gist; but normally it is said in some weird way that effectively hides its glory. A friend of mine is going there and that is money well spent. Why give a dime to these muzzies?! Visit Tunisia. Yeah right.

  2. The MB are reforming the Caliphate starting in North Africa, anyone going to any Moslem nation on vacation is in need of medical help and possibly needs to be placed on suicide watch.

  3. Jew-hatred is one of the main engines of islam.

    As is the utopian dream to create a pious muslim universal society where everybody is “brothers” and “sisters”. The infidel will live in agonising submission or die.

    This is the will of Allah.

    In other words, it is yet another totalitarian declaration of war against the free world!

  4. They will also loose revenue from Hollyweird. Remember that Lucas and Spielberg has filmed there among others. They will choose safer places to shoot in.

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