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5 Replies to “Interesting chant by Sudanese delegation to Gaza”

  1. The weakness of the West is the strength of islam!

    What is coming now, is not the democratic flowers of the arab “spring”, but the international islamic coalition, a ragtag caliphate, bent on destroying Israel and attacking Europe. The funny thing is that our degenerate elites has brought this about by multiculturalism, by wanting to be “nice”, “respectful” and “understanding” towards these hellbound fanatics.

    Oh my Lord, what irony!

  2. They shout “Khaybar, khaybar” and they say jihadists are going into “paradise” when they kill us infidels & send us into “hellfire”.

    Hmm… They must have “misunderstood” the “Religion of Peace,” including the imams who have spent their whole life studying the Koran & spoke during this rally…

  3. The sleeping giant is just starting to stir with this annoying pest buzzing around. They keep talking about ‘Hellfire’. Well, keep doing what you are doing in the name of Allah and when the giant awakens, you will have a taste of what ‘Hellfire’ is all about. . .
    and ‘Paradise’ will be jammed packed.

  4. Pope Urban II the people who started multiculturalism weren’t interested in being nice to anyone, they were working to undermine Western Civilization so the Marxists could take over. Remember the Marxists are like the Chinese, they think long term and are willing to work hard over long periods of time to achieve their goal of world domination.

    The sleeping giant is partially awake, we are just fighting with the side of us that wants to go back to sleep.

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