UK ‘Is Worst Place To Live In Europe’


1:39pm UK, Thursday September 29, 2011

The UK is now officially the worst place to live in Europe, with people getting a “raw deal” on quality of life and high cost of living, a new study has revealed.

Shoppers on Oxford Street

Britons are faced with some of the highest retail prices in Europe

 Comparison website uSwitch said that things were getting so bad that one in 10 people in this country were considering emigrating.

France and Spain came out on top of uSwitch’s Quality of Life Index, with the UK bottom of a 10-country league table.

The index covers working hours, VAT, holidays, spending on health and education – and hours of sunshine.

Last year at least our neighbours in Ireland were worse off, now we can’t even console ourselves with that. We are now officially at the bottom of the pile.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at

The UK also came bottom of another table based on the cost of energy, petrol, food, alcohol, cigarettes and life expectancy.

Food and diesel prices are the highest in Europe, while unleaded petrol, alcohol and cigarettes all cost more than the European average, said the report.

People in the UK now have the lowest holiday entitlement in Europe as well as having one of the highest retirement ages, the study found.

A survey of over 2,000 adults found their biggest concern was “broken society”, as well as the cost of living, crime and violence.

Holidaymakers enjoying a quieter-than-usual Costa del Sol

Spain is high on the list for quality of life – but Brits can’t afford to holiday there

 Some 5% said they were happy with the UK, with over one in 10 “seriously considering” emigrating.

France topped the index for the third year in a row, despite the average household annual net income being £7,000 below that of the UK.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at, said: “Last year at least our neighbours in Ireland were worse off, now we can’t even console ourselves with that.

“We are now officially at the bottom of the pile.”

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12 Replies to “UK ‘Is Worst Place To Live In Europe’”

  1. Can you believe that the people of such a once great nation would just stand by and let this vile,thieving,treacherous excuse of a government treat them like they are doing at the moment? All the while ploughing billions of hard earned working peoples taxes into there future E.U,gravy train pensions.Not to mention the billions in foreign aid that (How the hell did foreign aid get to be accepted as some sort of an evey day stealth tax anyway)? they fritter away just to boost there own egotistical,self serving agenda.This is my country,and i want it back!

  2. This article is the biggest load of tripe I have seen for a long long time. Well it would be wouldn’t it if the survey was conducted by the dregs of journalism known as Sky? Rupert Murdoch is the scum of the earth but the nasty old bastard keeps trying to influence world politics.

    Yes, Britain is in a state but nothing like the state that some of the countries are on mainland Europe.

    I have just returned from the Irish Republic, which of course is not on mainland Europe, and the prices there for food and drink are just outrageous. Southern Ireland has always depended on agriculture as it’s main source of income, but now, thanks to globalisation, they have to rely on tourism. But the prices that they are being forced to charge can only ring the death nell of the of the Irish economy.

    As for Islamic immigration, yes we have a problem, a big one, but again nothing like the problem that some of the countries in Mainland Europe have. Murdoch has an axe to grind with the U.K. because he has been exposed by us for the piece of crap he is and for all his millions he cannot dodge that fact, but he is certainly trying.

    It’s about time that the old bastard was dead, it would leave the world just that little bit better to live in.

  3. tc72 says:
    As for Islamic immigration, yes we have a problem, a big one, but again nothing like the problem that some of the countries in Mainland Europe have.

    Oh,i see!!! Because we only have a problem thats not quite on the same scale as other euoropean countries at the moment(and god knows what part of the country you are living in at the moment) we should somehow be thankfull then should we? Is there any chance that you could give us a real figure where we can officially worry about Islams world domination,only i have’nt been informed as to what that is at the moment?I’m guessing that you live in some sort of a nice quaint rural village that has never been blighted by the realities of what is really going on in this country.Do yoursrlf a favour please and take the time out to visit one of the working class towns,cities,of this country and see just exactly how bad things really are these days.Not that it will make any differance to your obvious brainwashed,leftist mentality.

  4. Trev
    What kind of misinformed idiot are you? I’m only too well aware of the Islamification of Britain that’s why I support the E.D.L. and vote for the B.N.P..
    But it seems that I am a lot more aware of the menace of Murdoch than you are, and believe me that piece of garbage is a menace to any country he happens to be in.

    At present it is believed that there are 1500 official mosques in the U.K. and God knows how many unofficial ones. In France there are 2,000 official mosques with another 300 under construction but again no figure for the unofficial ones. Sometimes the mussies block off whole streets in Paris for prayer and they get away with it. At least we haven’t got to that stage yet but no doubt they are working on it. In Sweden, because of it’s small population, some people are fleeing their homeland because of creeping Islam.

    Rupert Murdoch is just one of the many who are trying to create the illusion that crime, unemployment, and creeping Islam are confined to only a few countries when in fact it is a worldwide problem that most people as yet don’t seem to understand.

    The whole of Europe has this problem of creeping Islam, so does the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but again most of the inhabitants of these countries are unaware of it because it isn’t happening near them. What’s more, the people of these countries are beind deliberately being kept in the dark about it.

    During my lifetime I have driven 3,000,000 miles in this country and covered the length and breadth of it and I know only too well what is happening in this once green and pleasant land of ours. Some of the pleasant places I used to go to now look like third world settlements with hardly a native Brit in sight. The country is now being systematically plundered, raped, and torn apart by money grubbers who are making a fortune out of immigration and the Islamic colonisation of Britain.

    But we are not on our own in the devastation of the West when it comes to multculturalism and globalisation and that’s why I vote for the B.N.P. and not those nest feathering liars at West Minster.

    I wonder who you vote for or have I hit a raw nerve?

  5. It’s often stated by historians that the reason Britain didn’t have a Revolution around 1830 and 1848 like certain other countries in Western Europe was because Britain had the colonies for the poor and disgruntled to emigrate to in search of new beginnings – in other words, the existence of the colonies acted as a societal safety valve. What prevents the Brits from rebelling these days is a bit of a mystery, given this cesspool of a land, once so great, so pleasant, so envied and enviable, and now ruined in so many ways by successive governments that had – and sought – no mandate to change the demography and culture of Britain in the way that they have. I pity the children whose inheritance has been betrayed by those who should have been its stewards.

  6. tc72
    Please accept my apologies for the rant i made earlier,it’s just that as soon as i read or hear someone telling me that our problems are not as bad as they seem,it really makes my blood boil.But i can see now that,that wasn’t what you meant,and that i should have read more carefully.I agree with you 100% about your views on the despicable Rupert Murdoch,after all anybody who can hack into a dead teenagers phone (maybe not him personally,but ultimately his responsibility)and still be walking the streets a free man deserves to be hated by every self respecting human being on the planet.I too vote B.N.P. and am an avid follower of the E.D.L…Once again sorry for the initial mix up,and hope you can forgive me.all the best and N.F.S!

  7. Trev
    It’s o.k as I was in a bit of a rant myself. Once I saw the article from Sky I knew that it could only be that little tow-rag Murdoch at the back of it. If ever there was a revolution in Britain Murdoch would be one of the first of the worlds traitors to be strung up.

    I caught a glimpse on B.B.s.C t.v tonight that the beeb is about to carry out yet another political character assassination attempt on Nick Griffin. They never give up do they in their attempts to throttle a perfectly ligit and registered political party, and it’s all done with tax payers money. They keep trying to tell us that the B.N.P. is now insignificant and finished, if that be the case why are certain people so scared of it?

    As for myself it’s a case of no B.N.P. no vote, but most people are fooled into believing that they must vote regardless otherwise they would be wasting their vote. Not true, as it would be a real waste of a vote to vote for parties that represent everything that one detests.
    Thanks for your reply and all the best.

  8. tc72
    Thanks for your understanding,really appreciate it…Don’t get me started on the list of traitors i would love to see strung up,or i will be here all night,lol.Needless to say Bliar and Brown would be at the top and i would save Thatcher for last,with many,many more inbetween.

    Yes i agree it is absolute criminal What the bbc are doing and getting away with,all at the expense of tax payers money.But while ever we are allowing them to get away with what they are doing i’m afraid it will only get worse.Have you managed to watch the interview Nick Griffin had with the two guys from panorama yet? absolute class!

    I am sick to the back teeth of people telling me that they don’t bother voting anymore because there’s no one worth voting for.There frustrations about what is happening to this country are nine times out of ten the exact same as mine and yours,but you mention bnp to them and you can tell straight away that they have already took in the bbc bullshit and made there minds up without even looking at there policies for themselves! I truly do believe that the only reason Lib,lab,cons keep getting back into power time,and time again is because not enough people can even be bothered to vote,and that is absolute tragedy! I don’t know about you but i think voting should be compulsory,but i don’t imagine the three thieving,lying,treacherous party’s will be pushing for that policy in the very near future can you?

  9. Yvetta
    Nice post and you obviously seem to be clued up in such things as social studies. Yes I agree about the effect of the colonies except when it comes to what was once the colony of Australia.

    The Americas were the the favourite places for the people who had had enough of a life of drudgery and class distinction in Britain simply because it held more promise and was relatively near. Life aboard those ships was terrible in stearage and quite a few people died on route.

    Unlike the Spaniards who only left a few of their people behind to oversee their colonies, Britain had a policy of populate to make sure that it would remain a British colony in the distant future, but in some cases not always having the desired effect.

    The policy of populate also applied to Australia, but Australia is much further away from Britain than America and that would mean many more deaths amongst the emmigrants, and so they preferred to go to the Americas. This was a big problem for the Brit colonialists and so they tried another tack, and that was to forcibly deport “criminals” to Australia in order to fill the role. So desperate for emmigrants were the colonialists that to qualify as a criminal one had only to steal an apple.

    As to what prevents the Brits from rebelling today there are a number of possibilities.
    Firstly there aren’t enough of them who want to rebel. This we can put down to the welfare state (which I am not against in genuine cases) Then there is the matter of drugs.

    Britain, like a lot of other countries is overwhelmed by drugs. A lot of unemployed people get spaced out of their minds on them and they have no other interest in mind other than drugs. Young men and women are the soldiers and revolutionaries of any nation, so what better way to control them by letting them be slaves to drugs? Again, food for thought.

  10. Trev
    The fiddlers three have always wanted a compulsary vote in order to make an impressive turnout as more and more people lose faith in them. But that is all they want, to make an impressive turnout in order to give the illusion that people are interested. They know full well that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Nobody can see what’s happening to the ballot paper once inside the polling booth.

  11. Don’t forget that Britain is also use to the government taking away rights without rebelling, this started around 1920 and is continuing today, just at an accelerated rate.

    All nations in the west are in massive danger, and way too many people refuse to believe in the danger.

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