How many laws will Anjem Chaudary not be charged with in this recent event?

Below, there has to be 4 or more indictable offenses Chaudary commits or more. Surely knowingly making up false claims about the police and chanting them in the streets with a megaphone (I bet without a permit) has to be at least two or three of them. Public mischief? I don’t know British law well enough. But I can guarantee he has broken some. At least given what counter-jihadis are charged with constantly who do far far less and for an infinitely greater cause.

Please click over to Luton Today for more on this, newest tactic, by Anjem, leader of a group symbolically banned by the dhimmi government of Great Britain.

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  1. Babylon the Great has fallen, fallen …

    The British police are too busy going after Christian cafe owners displaying Bible verses in their shops to worry about any offences Choudhary and friends might be committing.

  2. Eeyore
    You’re right, that parasite has broken more laws than most people can count but there are a number of problems in this area. Firstly we are lumbered with gutless politicians who spout a lot of hot air whilst at the same they stand back and wring their hands.

    Then we have the big problem of the European Court of Human Rights (E.C.H.R.) who constantly give more protection to the criminal (e.g. Choudary) than the victim, (us). In Britain the head of human rights is an out and out anti-white racist by the name of Trevor Phillips, a muslim. One of his side kicks is none other than a lawyer by the name of Cherie Blair the wife of Tony Blair, and she makes a packet out of court hearings on behalf of wrong doers such as the likes of Choudary. All paid for with tax payers money.

    As usual it’s a case of Brussels plays the tune and our spineless self interested politicians dance to it. Another problem is that whenever a protest group or a ligit political party openly protest they are often branded as racist and sometime they get banged up for their trouble. But the biggest problem of all is that the electorate keep voting the same people into power who support the very things that most of the electorate hate. Where do we go from here?

  3. Ha, ha, Muslim extremists complaining about the ‘mistreatment of women’. What a joke? That’s a bit like Joseph Mengeles complaining about the mistreatment of Polish Jews.
    I can’t understand why pyjama-clad fungi like Choudary are even free to walk the streets. Him and other tapeworms like him need to be deported to Pakistan or some other toilet.

  4. Love thy brother. As a Christian, I can only feel sorry for this waste of human skin and the flies buzzing around him.

  5. I don’t care if that koranimal is born in UK or not. Haul his fat arse back to his parents home-country of Pakistan where this arselifter truly belongs.

  6. I think there is serious misunderstanding with regards to the like of Andy Choudary in the UK. He always makes the tabloids and is hated by everyone in the country except the muzzies. Now you have to remember the UK is not Bi- culteral ie filthy muzzie and the noble English. It really is multiculteral. This makes it very tough for the muzzies to get any where despite some of the scare stories you hear coming from the UK. The average ghetto is full of Hindus, Sikhs, Polish Catholics, African Christians of various denomination, and lots of other east Europeans too numerous to mention!!!
    I will give an example. Not far from where I am is a little low income ghetto. The Sikhs have erected a multi million pound temple there. The muzzies have got a little mosque in the shadow of the giant temple. The Christians have a very old venerable Catholic church dated back hundreds of years. The East Europeans do not have anything as yet but they go into the town for their services and use an old church that was quite empty before they filled it completely. So you get the picture. The situation in the UK is like that. There are no no go areas as far as I can see. No areas where people are harmed for being non muslim. Sure it does happen now and again but on the whole it does not. Multi-culteral Britain is just too fragmented for the muzzies to take on.
    They are better in a bi-culteral situation. I think the situation is worse, much worse in the bi-culteral scene of continental Europe in places like France, Holland etc. This load mouth knows this but can not help himself. No way is he that scary to us folks in the UK. He is clown without any power and on the street level life is too multicultural for a muzzie to do anything about. So you see multiculteralism is the curse of the West and the Muzzies alike!
    But it is multiculteralism that is the bigger threat to the muzzies. It clouds the potential sharia areas with all kinds of people and clouds the issues with all kinds of problems. So when the issues are misty as they are and this big mouth starts shouting clearly about his agenda it looks stupid in the multicultural context.

  7. ‘Love thy brother. As a Christian, I can only feel sorry for this waste of human skin and the flies buzzing around him.’

    One properly feels sorry for a man experiencing suffering, distress or misfortune through no fault of his own. The proper emotion to feel toward a man who purposefully destroys the lives of innocent others, or calls for the destruction of the lives of innocent others (or submits to an ideology that calls for the destruction of the lives of innocent others) is hatred. Never pity a man who properly you should hate; in doing so, you honour him.

  8. George says:
    October 3, 2011 at 6:45 pm
    “One properly feels sorry for a man experiencing suffering, distress or misfortune through no fault of his own. The proper emotion to feel toward a man who purposefully destroys the lives of innocent others, or calls for the destruction of the lives of innocent others (or submits to an ideology that calls for the destruction of the lives of innocent others) is hatred. Never pity a man who properly you should hate; in doing so, you honour him.”

    bang on there.
    we dont fear the jihadi muslims, we hate them.

  9. bilbo you are wrong, the EDL would be prosecuted, the Moslems are a protected minority and have more rights then anyone else.

  10. It is indeed deeply mysterious how Choudary is able to operate unmolested by the police. According to Home Office figures, tens of thousands of people have been stopped and searched under terror laws since 2001 – often on the flimsiest of pretexts. Thousands have been arrested for terrorism-related offences including incitement to violence, which is clearly illegal under the Terrorism Act 2000. Yet Choudary is free to openly urge his followers to disrupt the Royal wedding? Any idiot with access to Google can discover his extensive links to known and/or convicted terrorists; are we really to believe the police and security services are oblivious? Evidence suggests that Choudary’s al-Muhajiroun network was once employed by the foreign secret service, recruiting British Muslims for guerrilla warfare in the Balkans. There’s also evidence that senior figures such as Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri and Abu Qatada were informing for domestic intelligence for years before the London massacres. Indeed, this policy of trying to ‘turn’ terrorists probably explains the paralysis of our national security system before 7/7. Our incompetent spooks have likely learned nothing from that debacle. Might the State be protecting this dangerous provocateur to garner intelligence for some broader strategic purpose? Remember, the Finsbury Park Mosque was the hub of al-Qaeda recruitment in Europe…

  11. P.P.S. Of course, there is also another explanation for Choudary’s effective public immunity: he does an excellent job of riling white conservatives such as yourself, and inflaming racial and cultural tensions. It wouldn’t be the first time the British State has used this tactic on its own people. After World War II all NATO countries, including our own, set up ‘stay behind’ networks to stockpile arms and organise resistance movements in the event of a Soviet invasion. These clandestine groups, supported by the CIA, MI6 and the British SAS, engaged in political subversion, assasinations, bombings and other acts of terrorism for decades. It was part of a ‘strategy of tension’ to get people to turn to the State for greater protection.

    For several years during the 1970s, the British incarnation was a neo-Nazi group known as Column 88. Trained by the army, they carried out many bomb and arson attacks, including (it has been alleged) burning down the Albany Empire in Deptford in 1978.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Choudary’s hateful bilge is part of a simular tactic, fully endorsed by elements inside our own intelligence services. Whatever the case, his views are in no way representative of the vast majority of Muslims in this country.

    Let’s see how long this post lasts.

  12. PH_UK:

    1. Very interesting hypothesis. Any evidence for it? Not that I am challenging you, so much as asking for supporting documents. If you read some of my previous posts on Choudary, you will see that I speculate similar things myself. He is far too honest to be a typical jihadi. I have heard on UK-TV some hard core imams and so on using the more typical language of the West-hating jihadi, attempting to weakly disguise their ambitions and using language in a less than honest fashion. Choudary doesn’t, or perhaps more accurately, didn’t do this. So I have my own suspicions.

    2. I am a classical liberal. I am OK with being called conservative because the entire narrative has moved so far to the left today that classical liberalism and individual rights advocates such as myself are now called, ‘neocons’ or ‘far-right-wing’ by the MSM. So I am OK with conservative. Conservative today is the ‘commie fags’ of the 1950s-60s. As for white, some might agree and others may not. My melanin level has no impact on my opinions however, even if it does impact my life experience.

    3. I very much hope that Anjem is not reflective of the general Islamic public and am willing to bet with you, that it is not. The Nazis were only reflective of 5% of the German public however. And that 5% was enough to cause the near destruction of much of the developed world. The issue really is with Islam and not Muslims as Geert Wilders often says. Islam is old enough to have a large % of ‘cultural Muslims’ who actually are pretty much liberal or even new-age as a personal culture but identify with Islam as being a cultural history, usually in a fairly sanitized-of-reality way.

    I’m more than fine with all that. It is the fact that wherever Islam becomes a dominant meme, individual rights, freedoms, liberal democracy all suffers and fails. This is a historical constant right up to today and including towns and cities in Europe where Islam grows in influence. Muslims can be as much victims of this as women are forced to change their behaviour and patterns and choices become limited and dictated by the usually Saudi-funded ‘radicals’ or orthodox Muslims if you like. In any case, Islam is a problem and must not be allowed to take root anywhere as a political system, which, ultimately is what it was designed to be originally. I have no problem with any Muslim people who truly wish coexistence in a liberal democracy. They are of course, free, as are Jews and Christians, to remove their own rights for their own reasons. To sacrifice pork and so on and skip lunch for Ramadan. But they may not, and will not, force me to bend to their will.

    4. Why do you think your interesting post would not remain?

  13. Vlad,

    Thanks for your polite response.

    Firstly, it’s worth noting that ‘classical liberalism’ was a product of Enlightenment thought, itself partly a reaction against the intellectual backwardness and brutal oppression of the *Christian* religious establishment – which after its witch hunts, inquisitions and crusades, rampant misogyny and homophobia, bombings and sectarian murders, extra-judicial stonings and genocides, hardly has a better historical track record as a civilizing force than Islam. Indeed, during the Islamic Golden Age the scientists, engineers, architects and philosophers of the Muslim world were every bit as sophisticated as those of, say, ancient Greece – and it was the Christian Crusaders who rampaged around destroying their madrasahs and libraries.

    It was the British Empire and later, the United States which sponsored radical Islamic groups in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, the Balkans, Libya, Indonesia and Egypt, among other regions – nurturing the rise of global terrorism with clandestine ‘divide and rule’ policies designed to overthrow governments and control energy resources. Often we’ve used our secret alliances with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to achieve these goals. What would Christianity look like today if some great power(s) had systematically buttressed its most radical elements worldwide, for several decades, to further its imperial ambitions? You can read all about this hidden history in Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam by respected journalist Mark Curtis.

    As for al-Muhajiroun and their hard-to-fathom relationship with British security services, you may want to read The Suicide Factory by senior Times reporters Sean O’Neill and Daniel McGrory.


  14. P.S. Oh sorry I forgot, re. Anglo-American spy agencies setting up clandestine paramilitary groups all over Europe, later used to terrorize innocent civilians (with the support of secret military-intelligence units coordinated centrally by NATO), see the following article published by the Steton Hall Journal of International Relations:

    Although Ganser doesn’t mention the British incarnation, a little online research around Column 88 will establish for you that this group was indeed part of the stay-behind network here in the UK, which up until at least the mid-70s had access to the largest clandestine arms dump in Europe at RAF Cheddington, near Aylesbury. Column 88 in turn have been involved in supporting other far-right organizations such the National Front, League of St. George and the National Party. They are (or were) a State-run terrorist outfit, operating along similar lines to other right-wing militias throughout Europe.

    The point of all this is not that al-Muhajiroun are an Islamic version of this phenomenon – evidence for that is non-existent – but that the British State has in the past supported extremist groups for the purposes of exacerbating cultural tensions. In that context, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to speculate that the Anjem Choudary’s of this world *might* be tolerated or protected by security services for similar reasons.

    We are, after all, currently engaged in a US-led ‘War on Terror’ which has struggled to garner much public support from the outset. Apparently the British public just don’t hate Muslims enough to entirely support wars of imperial aggression against defenceless oil-rich powers…


  15. P.P.S. I should probably have added important caveats about the speculative nature of my accusations against C88; it’s too easy to be over-confident when posting anonymously. Since this thread is getting a *lot* of hits, I should probably make an effort not to mislead. Thanks for letting me post, Vlad…

    The following website reproduces the original 1991 Searchlight article, apparently based on various high-level/intel sources, exposing the relationship between Column 88, ex-military persons and politicians. There was subsequently a rather concerted smear campaign to discredit the authors; however, further leaks and disclosures over the years – culminating Ganser’s seminal 2005 study (see above link) – have corroborated many of the details revealed here about Europe’s stay-behinds. That would seem to lend credibility to the rest of the article, so it should be taken seriously – if only as a basis for further research:

    As for al-Muhajiroun group having links to British security services – MI5/Special Branch at home, and the foreign secret service (MI6) for black operations in Kosovo – this conclusion is derived partly from explosive revelations from former US federal prosecutor John Loftus, who has held some of the highest security clearances in the US. His sources were senior intelligence officers. The respected New Criminologist magazine picked up the story in 2005, obtaining “explosive verifiable information” from the US State Dept. to support it. Their article quickly (and rather mysteriously, given how far their archives go back) vanished from their website.

    It seems that followers of al-Muhajiroun fought alongside the CIA-sponsored Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in a covert guerilla war to destablise the Kosovo government. The purpose, it seems, was to gain Algerian support for the trans-Balkan oil pipeline project. We harboured these dangerous radicals under a ‘Covenant of Security’ by which we tolerated their activities so long as they didn’t brainwash our kids into attacking *us*. Apparently their hate-filled tirades were deemed an acceptable price to pay for their strategic usefulness abroad.

    It’s not a big step from their to speculate that certain ‘sympathetic’ journalists may have been tipped off by the Firm about these informer/provocateur’s activities, supplying a gullible British public with a steady stream of sensationalist headlines about the Evil Muslims wanting to impose Shariah law on honest hardworking white people!

    Perhaps – just perhaps – Choudary is just the latest in a long line of such agents.


  16. CORRECTION: Apologies, this is what happens when you post off-the-cuff, from memory (my last post on this matter, I promise!). From the highly respect New Criminologist journal:

    “In a lengthy statement that will send shockwaves around the world, John Loftus, a terrorism expert and a former prosecutor for the US Justice Department, has publically revealed that the so called mastermind of the 7/7 London Bombings, Haroon Rashid Aswat, is a British ‘Intelligence Asset’.

    “A TNC US-based source has sent us *extraordinary fully verifiable information*, along with a filmed interview during which Loftus makes his accusations. ”

    Original (now broken link):

    You can watch the Fox interview here:


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