…and in case you think Canada doesn’t have the same problems Europe does…

This from Blazing Cat Fur.

Take the time to read this one. It appears that P.M. Harper may have grossly under estimated the scale and levels of the threat. Terrorism, as this blog has asserted for some years now, is by-so-far the least of the problems in terms of Islam in Western nations that its nearly a positive thing, as it tends to alert more people to the actual danger of Islam.

Two paragraphs below:

Youngmuslims.ca spells out educational strategy for the “Tyrannical Culture” they live under in Canada

Someone really ought to forward this to Chris Spence of the TDSB. The following screen shots are taken from a document on the Youngmuslims.ca online library entitled “Muslim Youth in the West – Towards a new education strategy“.

It’s a lovely document carefully outlining the steps required to assure that Muslims are not integrated into the “Tyrannical Culture” that is Canada. As is happening with the TDSB it outlines a broad strategy  to co-opt the state school system and ensure that “Islamic needs”, especially with regard to girls, are met, all of which will contribute to the stated goal of establishing an Islamic Society.

Please click over to BCF for the rest of this important revelation.

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