Five Spaniards aboard tanker taken by pirates

This is West Africa now. Not off the coast of Somalia.



Five Spaniards are among a 23-strong crew captured on a Cyprus-flagged tanker off the coast of the West African country of Benin, Spain’s government said Thursday.

“We are doing everything we can from our embassy in Ghana to resolve the situation,” said a spokesman for the Spanish foreign ministry, which confirmed that five of the crew were Spanish citizens.

Pirates boarded and hijacked the tanker, taking her 23 crew hostage, in the early hours of Wednesday, according to the International Maritime Bureau.

The coast of Benin, which neighbours Nigeria, Africa’s largest oil producer, has seen a steep increase in hijackings this year, with 19 ships coming under attack.

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2 Replies to “Five Spaniards aboard tanker taken by pirates”

  1. Benin, ey?

    At present 25 % Islamic, infiltration from the north. Watch this space!

    Sounds like Ivory Coast. Once the jihad starts, they’ll slaughter a few thousand Christians, the infidel ruler will be disposed and declared a criminal, and the O’turd-Klintoon team will take it to the United Nations to get the blessing of the OIC thugs.

    That’s exactly what happened in Ivory Coast earlier this year. The speed by which that country was declared Islamic was mindboggling.

  2. As the western world reacts with restraint the Moslems take this as weakness, Islam is once again on the march and we are doing nothing to stop them. We must fight this as a war of survival or civilization will disappear from the world for several centuries.

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