Something will happen because of this and soon.


(ANSAmed) – PARIS – Beginning this evening at midnight, holding Muslim prayers in the streets of Paris will be prohibited. The announcement was made by France’s Interior Minister, Claude Gueant, in an interview published today by the daily Le Figaro, which noted that ”use of force” against those not complying with the regulation had not been ruled out. The minister underscored that a ”convention” had been signed with Muslim associations so that a former barracks could be used as a place of prayer. For a long time Paris Muslims have met in the city streets on Friday, especially in the working class neighbourhood Goutte d’Or (18th arrondissement), due to a lack of space in mosques. (ANSAmed).

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  1. This will be a garantee of mass rioting by the peaceful ones. no other outcome can come from taking away their rights to shove it in our faces. The war to end all wars is in its begining stages, we have the chamberlins on the left, the Chirchills on the right and in front of us telling us loudly and proudly is hitler’s crew. Or am I just paranoid (looking behind me for the hidden camera).

  2. Excellent. Truly escellent. It’s about time the French Goverment took action like this. The muslims who have insisted on praying on the streets, blocking vehicular as well as human traffic besides blocking people in their to and fro travel between homes and work or shopping, have played the “Oh, there is no room in our small mosques” whining and whinging card to the nth degree. Can you imagine Buddhists, or Sihks, or Catholics blocking whole streets with the same lame excuse. No. It’s just a part of world-wide intimidation and bullying by muslims who expect the world to bow down to their demands. I hope that there are riots, as it would give the chance for the police and righteously angered French indigenous people to show their distate of the arse-lifters. Good for France…. maybe I should move there, they at least have the b*lls to call it as it is.

  3. Just watch though. The muslims are “praying” in the streets, with many of them coming some distance, to create the illusion of large numbers of them without a mosque. There are probably some, in any given street mob, that come from areas that already HAVE a huge mosque.

    This is all orchestrated to win concessions from the kaffir.

  4. I think if this bothers the people/citizens of Paris and it getting in the way of normal life then, yes, stop it. Religion has gone too damn far if you have to throw it in front of people. I say good move on the part of the French! And I don’t like to see people’s/mens’ asses up in the air.

  5. You ignorant bigoted people would be only too delighted to see masses of Christians holding prayers in the street. Your problem isn’t the inconvenience, it is your vile hatred of anyone who doesn’t worship the man you think is a god. May you intolerant hypocrites all get justice you deserve in the afterlife. Amen.

  6. @I. Hate Bigots

    May the intolerant hypocrites of Allah give you the justice you deserve in the present life. The jihad is so much easier when dhimmi tools like you pave the way for them.

  7. I. hate bigots.

    Actually, people of our ‘ilk’ are the ones who stopped the (entirely) Christian prayers at public schools. Because we felt that public institutions are not places that should be used for religious services. In fact, we demanded that special laws be passed to ensure that people of all religions would recognize the division between religiosity and secular institutions, could work together within the framework of the latter and each could arrange to have their own religious needs met within their own communities their own way. We also have laws for that.

    So you are proven wrong. We don’t need to wait for the streets every Sunday to be clogged with Christians, praying in the streets, demanding that all other people defer to them, not taking photos, entering or leaving their own businesses etc. We already put a fast stop to it when it was just kids made to chant a few lines in the mornings at school. Nice try at the usual dodge leftists always use in the face of facts and reason. Ad hominem and moral outrage. Because frankly, that is all you have.

  8. I’m not convinced. Next they’ll demand the French churches that have low attendance be converted into mosques and then they’ll want mosques constructed with taxpayer money . And if their demands aren’t met there will be war in the streets. That’s what I see down the road.

    Or has the government made some back door deal with them that they don’t want the public to know about? Something doesn’t smell right.

  9. Fan Fan Fan TASTIC!!!! ISLAM leads to SHARIAH…..and SHARIAH opresses and disregards the rights of non-muslims. This is only the start of what needs to get done to get the muslims under control…do not now drop your guard and rest on your laurels. This is a GREAT day for France!!!

  10. It’s about time this happened,muslims do things like this to try and force governments to let them build more mosques,i’m glad the French cracked down on this.If there’s no room in the mosques they can pray at home.
    I hope the next step is to ban islam altogether.

  11. @IHateBiggots:
    The moment I would know they are praying like that in a street in my neighbourhood, I would be there every friday. Eating Porc, drinking beer, playing Iron Maiden on a ghettoblaster, quirking at ‘their’ women, their fuckfaced prophet and the sand-spook they believe in, behaving like an absolute ass/dork. I don’t have 600 years + time to wait for them to get bloody enlightened.
    And no. If some yehova’s witnesses or mormons or evangelisticals would profile themselves in the same irritating manner as these muslims do, I’d do the same with them. I don’t need to rally with a bunch of morons to fight other morons.
    It’s not ‘just’ the right-wing bigots who oppose this crap.

  12. i hate bigots, the biggest bigot of all.
    france has done a much better job of controlling the horde of pedophile followers recently. i recall when they were persecuting bridget bardot for telling the truth about the heathens
    france is one of the few countries in europe doing things right now

  13. viva la france
    this could not have come any sooner for me ..i take my hat of to the tolerant french and all they do to improve the future for our children ….take notice Europe and follow this fine example of human dignity …i do not want to see religious freaks on my streets
    EV England

  14. Do what ever you want to do Zionist french goverment you will lost and your prohibtation will make us strong and make French islamic country in the future , this will be happen ….

  15. The next question is will they enforce this ban, if they do it is the Moslems move. Things are going to get real interesting over the next couple of years.

  16. Latest news is that they have already defied it.

    PARIS — Hundreds of Muslims defied a French ban on outdoor prayer — which came into force Friday –and took to the streets and sidewalks of Paris to pray.

    The French government announced Thursday it was banning praying outside, with officials pledging to enforce the ban from Friday.

    But 200 Muslims ignored the ban and prayed on the streets in the neighborhood of La Goutte d’Or, Le Parisien newspaper reported.

    French interior minister Claude Gueant said he had nothing against Islam but wanted it out of the public eye because France was a secular state.

    He added, “Street prayers must stop because they hurt the feelings of many of our compatriots who are shocked by the occupation of the public space for a religious practice.”

    Although officials would persuade people to pray in mosques, Muslims who continued to pray in the street would be arrested, Gueant warned.

    The ban angered French Muslim leaders who said Muslims only prayed outdoors because of a lack of space in mosques in France….

  17. Been a long time coming at least France has now regained some sanity against the back drop of what has been such a mad few years i salute the French for there stand my only hope now is that other Countrys follow France in there stand against Islamisation Viva La France!! NS!!

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