British media in a panic. Desperate to maintain the narrative against all reality and evidence, they wage war on working class indigenous British

Today has been a surreal news-day indeed. The Star compares Tommy Robinson with Hitler and calls the EDL, as does the CBC, racist without bothering to provide a lick of evidence for it, and of course, utterly avoiding any mention of the massive anti-white events of the past week by black people within the UK. Even the ones who made white people strip down in public and rob them of their possessions and dignity.

I guess all they have left is to lie louder and more often and at a higher level. I mean if you repeat it often enough it must be true right? Below, the PM actually making a claim about a group of British patriots who should rightly sue the government for such a remark. I cannot imagine what a group of Muslims who might for example, openly advocate for an overthrow of the British government, regime and system might do if he said that about them.

Of course, we don’t have to imagine. We know what they would do, and so does Cameron, and that is why he would never say it right?

Tommy Robinson, if you are out there and reading, invest in the best lawyer you can find.  Perhaps the EDL can now enjoy the kind of government funding that anti-British Muslim groups have been enjoying under the beard of ‘inter-faith’ groups.

For an excellent analysis on some of the absurd and truly totalitarian (in the sense that the government will forego law, justice and reason to maintain and preserve an ideological narrative at all costs) please click through to this gates of Vienna article.

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6 Replies to “British media in a panic. Desperate to maintain the narrative against all reality and evidence, they wage war on working class indigenous British”

  1. It strikes me that the main problem with British society are not the rioters, but people like David Cameron who have no clue what Britain is/was about. Idiots such as Cameron have totally lost the plot, and are the main reason their society has disintegrated into an entitlement generation. The EDL as a group are seemingly the only sane voice in all of Britain and as such, must be vilified by those who bear the blame for bringing a once great nation to her knees.

    Britain’s PM should be canned, and if that is not possible, caned instead.

  2. Cameron just put a nail in his political coffin. EDL is becoming the front line of defence against the Islamisation of Britain and the majority of the politicien have no clue what the common man thinks and want from them.

  3. The left is in a panic, the current econ0mic mess is causing all of their hard work to unravel, for this reason anyone who is talking about defending the local culture and nation has to be destroyed.

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