Mob of black people assault and injure several white people in Philadelphia

I can’t get lots of details on this. I truly and genuinely hope I am not reading this right. Like its a hoax and no one was hurt and actually these people all go to the same golf club every Friday night. Hopefully some readers can put links in the comments to show how this in fact is not at all how it looks. Did irrational leftism actually succeed in sowing seeds of discontent where there is no genuine excuse for it to the extent that civilization is coming undone? If so, what is the hope for a superior replacement? I never hear about that really.

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5 Replies to “Mob of black people assault and injure several white people in Philadelphia”

  1. Listen to my cries? Listen to my fears and help me? What crap. The only reason they did it is because it was fun for them. I see no difference between these little turds and the muslim villians who wander around Europian cities looking for jews and homosexuals to beat up.

    They do it because it is fun for them to hurt people they think cannot fight back.

  2. … and yet it would appear that the direction we are going, it would be you personally who could be found guilty merely for expressing that opinion. The shrieks and howls of those who fear they are losing control of the narrative is becoming dangerously loud and dangerously totalitarian.

  3. This is another example of why I say we may be in the opening decades of a new Dark Age, personally I expect next summer during the political campaigns to be more violent.

    The attacks and riots aren’t caused by poverty and lack of education, they are caused by the kids being taught that if it feels good do it, now the kids are destroying things because it is fun.

  4. flashmob crime, in this case racial, and particularly, social-networking organized mayhem is trending for sure…have been following Twitter chatter of planned mob mayhem, at least one leader appears to be a Muslim invoking Allah, hopefully the leaders will be arrested soon before the operations get started. I am pretty sure you do not want me to link to those hackers! Zawahiri’s new vid seems to put the sanction on their use of hacking & social networking, too.

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