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The outgoing Israeli embassador to the United Nations is reported to have quipped to a reporter, (paraphrasing and adding my own commentary…)

‘When Jews kill Muslims it’s a massacre (even after it is discovered that it never took place such as in Jenin)

‘When Christians kill Muslims it is a crusade’ (even after it is discovered that it was a defensive action against an invading and hostile Islam like, well like the crusades)

‘But when Muslims kill Muslims it is the weather channel’ (like we see every day and nearly everywhere Muslims represent enough of the population to act with impunity or with complicity of a Muslim law enforcement. Contemporary Syria or Pakistan is one example that manages to stay off of our TV sets while we focus on the deluded rantings of an extreme narcissist because he fits a relativist narrative, and that, even though he didn’t kill any Muslims, yet is being used as an example of how evil ‘our side’ is.

Have a look at some of these videos recently smuggled out of Syria. Then, have another look at Bill Whittle’s excellent video on ‘The Narrative’. A clip that does more to explain where and why the great eye of TV media shines than does Lord of the Rings for Sauroman.

Masked Gunmen Filmed Sniping Into Large Syria Protest  

Bloody Day in Syria as Opposition Protest Continue


And dozens more here: 


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