Tommy Robinson mops the floor with hostile BBC host

This was a disgusting attempt at character assasination. Tommy held more than his ground though. I would have liked to ask the host, “I saw you at a soccer game and Bin Laden was in the bleachers. Do you deny being at a stadium with Bin Laden and why would you be at a soccer game with him if you didn’t have the same goals. Also, which of Bin Laden’s 50 years of mutterings do you disagree with?”

It was not an interview but an attempted character assassination. Tommy should have had the right to a bloody lawyer in an interview like this. And to think this is a state funded broadcaster. For shame.

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  1. The poof from the beep has lost the plot. He is so in the Islamo-pocket he might as well say the shahada and submit to Islam.

    ‘He only wants to establish the connection’ between the killer Swede and the EDL?

    How generous! He is handingTommy Robinson a loaded gun with which to shoot himself.

    My answer would have been ‘why don’t we establish the connection between Islam and Al BeBeeCeera first before smearing the patriots of this country with dreck that won’t stick?’

  2. Paxman is well know for his challenging style of talking but he is really just a spokesman for the the boss of the BBC who is the social engineer and cultural Marxist architect of modern Brittania. The man with the real power is Mark Thompson. A man who is a hypocrite of the first order. A man who tells us about Islam with hundreds of documentaries and yet he lives in a lily white neighborhood in Oxford with his nearly one million in cash payment from the UK taxpayer. Come and live in B Ilford you hypocritical idiot and see what your social engineering looks like on the ground. I am sure you will be welcome at the local mosque where you can hang out with some real third world types; it will make a change from the whitetopian world of the wealthy Oxford suburbs.

  3. @ Benjie, I was just over on a couple Muslim Brotherhood websites, & they are promoting the EDL story bigtime right now … the hackers are all over this, fabricating stuff too, so we end up having EDL word vs. screenshots (fabricated or not) of EDL, what will the average person trust? what someone says, or what someone sees with their own eyes that they say?
    this is the problem with not dealing with the hackers, & from what I see, no one is, so they now are rewriting both history & realtime events, pathetic.
    (the Director of US-CERT just quit today, so maybe the next person will be better, but I doubt it….good grief,the same hackers who released EDL went bigger & released Aafia docs !! — “allegedly” b/c I can’t seem to see them, even in the cache posts)

  4. Wow what a sickening illustration of the Left’s attempts to blame anti-Islamists for the massacre.

    The MSM now is getting mileage on this, calling ‘far-right’ violence as an EQUAL threat to society, even though the Islamic threat is orders of magnitude higher.

    When we bought into moral relativism we threw away the inner moral compass which guides us to act rationally – it’s gone, and nothing but confusion is its legacy.

    Look at CNN’s latest –

    MSLSD is now MAKING UP news, about the SURGE of right wing terrorism:

  5. After 7/7 the BBC went all out to excuse the perpetrators.

    After Norway, they use the horror to attack what they view as the “right.”

    But Tommy did brilliantly here. The leftists watching will hate us just as they always will, whilst our allies will respect us a little more. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY Tommy’s honesty and decency will be set against Paxmans hostility and blatant attack -dog/smear assault on a decent man representing legitimate grievances and we will have gained further support in the undecided public eye.

    BBC/Paxman 0 Tommy Robinson 1

    There will be many more battles ahead, but we – via Tommy – certainly won that one

  6. Brunette sez:

    “The man with the real power is Mark Thompson. A man who is a hypocrite of the first order. A man who tells us about Islam with hundreds of documentaries and yet he lives in a lily white neighborhood in Oxford with his nearly one million in cash payment from the UK taxpayer”.

    Paxman is not ‘challenging” – he sounds more like a retard. He even said he’s ‘only trying to establish the connection between the shooter and the EDL’- to which I would have answered ‘lets establish the connection between Al BeBeeCeera and Arab money first’…..

    Its quite obvious that these guys are paid whores for the Sowdi whoremongers.

  7. I take my hat off to Tommy Robinson. Geez…. how on earth he didn’t completely “lose his rag” with this guy, I don’t know.
    I can tell you that *I* would have.
    It is **SO frustrating** trying to get the message out that Islam is a danger to the world. Look at the UK now, where there are those self-declared “sharia zones” in a number of places. *That* was Islam. How much more of *that* will go on in the next few years?
    There are **tens of millions of people** (if not more) who have *valid, proven concerns* about Islam. But the media and our leaders just keep their heads in the sand. They don’t want to know.

  8. sheik yer’mami … using words like ‘poof’ are unacceptable

    Tommy has done several rounds with with Paxman, he knows his measure

  9. sheik yer’mami ..different issue. I’m sure you’d take offence at comments that could be leveled at both you and me alike.

  10. This reminds me of the Reichstad Fire. Mark Steyn said it best. “So, if a blonde blue-eyed Aryan Scandinavian kills dozens of other blonde blue-eyed Aryan Scandinavians, that’s now an “Islamophobic” mass murder”? Something is rotten in Scandinavia.

  11. Well done Tommy. I’m wondering if there is a school where these interviewers go to to learn this antagonistic questioning. BBC, CBC, CNN and so many more have hosts with these “I want to get at the truth” questions which are phrased in a way that is totally irrelevant to the subject matter. Tommy just kept is cool and went back to what must be discuss in this case, the Islamisation of Europe and clearly, the rest of the world in the near future. Thank God we now have Sun Media TV.

  12. I am in awe of Tommy and will join the EDL. I want to say a few things about the changes since 9/11 that has brought us here. Firstly, The Jihad. We have had 17,000 plus attacks since that horrible day of 9/11. The counterjihad movement born and includes the EDL and many more examples of that. The rise of China and India as global GDP powerhouses. The rise of food prices. The buying of our elites by the jihad. The increasing poverty of Islamic countries due to higher birthrates which means more mouths to feed and only so much petrol revenues plus higher food prices. Both Saudi and Iran are poorer than a generation ago. Russia is now the top dog for energy in Oil and Gas. We are seeing the end of Islamic purchasing power. The so called Arab spring is all about the higher price of living. People are starting to feel their poverty like never before and they want the government to do something about it. Finally, this lunatic is the latest thing. I feel this is a threshold moment. We have seen two this year. The year when the macroeconomic picture for islam turned sour and the violence of Islam producing a strange and bizarre twist with this crazy man.

  13. Cat meet pigeons…

    Does anyone really advocate that King Jan Sobieski, or Charles Martell, or Holger Danske, or Ferdinand and Isabella should not have resorted to violence in their wars against the earlier Jihads? Should the French Resistance not have murdered the Vichy collaborators with the Nazis?

    Really, I’d like to know if anyone truly believes that we should condemn any of the above for the killing they did for their cause.

  14. I can not condemn any of the above historical figures but today’s world is so different. We have not got to that stage of the game. I am betting macroecomics will undo the petrodollar jihad as Muslim countries are crushed by poverty coupled with a gradual awakening of the population of the West to the dangers of Islam led by the counterjihad. Well let us see what happens. Tommy is one of the leaders of the counterjihad and our role is of course to support him and do what we can in our fields of influence.

  15. As a Norwegian, who live only 300 yards away from one of the youths murdered at Utøya, I have felt last week end’s horror deeply. The EDL has got it’s fair share of criticism in Norwegian media over the last few days, but checking on their website, and hearing Tommy Robinson speak, I can only say that he speaks out towards something I and a vast majority of my fellow countrymen are concerned about. And I believe it is important that we can voice our concerns about the political system of Islam in our so called democratic countries, without being called racists.

    I can honestly say that many Norwegians are big hypocrites, and are not brave enough to openly tell their honest opinion about Islam and immigration from Muslim countries. Many native Norwegians I know have been shocked when I have told them I had two Muslims from Iraq as guests last Christmas Eve. Most Norwegian adults have hardly ever talked to any of the immigrants, let alone let them into their home. But they still voice this “politically correct” opinion that they welcome these people to our land.

    I realize that those already here are here to stay. And by befriending some of them I have done my fair bit to integrate them into our society. But I am still concerned about letting more and more in, as they will inevitably change society. And for the worse I fear. That is my honest opinion, and an opinion I demand to have the right to voice without being called a bigot or racist. I have shown with my action that I am not.

  16. No-one has to welcome the demographic conquest of their country to prove they are not “racist”, whatever that actually means. Preferring Caucasian civilisation isn’t racist, and even if it is, so what, it’s my preference! Where are the fascist-leftists who call for mass White or Japanese immigration into Somalia for being hideously black? Or into Arabia for being to prove they are not racist, Arab-Muslim supremacists, even though they most certainly are? The hypocritical silence is deafening.

    You can support individuals as having the freedom of association to marry and immigrate an individual Somalian if they so wish, but government has no such rights and government sponsored mass immigration is a crime of gerrymandering at best, and slow genocide at worst. Opposing this is not racism, but supporting it most certainly is anti-White racism.

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