Video: Mosqueteria Protest at the Toronto District School Board

The video and text below is verbatim taken from this link at Blazing Cat fur. Please click through for photos and more description of what took place. It should be understood, the ‘mosqueterias’ that are being discovered all across Ontario schools are an unambiguous breach of both the spirit and the letter of Canadian law, and I am not pleased to say, represent a very good example of the kind of warnings that blogs like mine have been trying to warn Canadians about for years now. I would also ask readers to ask themselves, would you have believed that this was going to happen in at least 16 schools in Ottawa and Toronto had you been told this a year ago or more? If not, what do you not believe now in terms of the process of Islamification of our government and its institutions which are already changing and which ones will change in the next decade? We already have polygamy as an accepted practice in Ontario and paid for by you and At least one woman in Vancouver has already been charged with keeping a slave.

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From Blazing Cat Fur:

On July 25 2011 a protest was held against the Toronto District School Board’s Islam First policy which allows public tax payer funded secular schools to be converted into ad hoc mosques. Imam’s are allowed by the TDSB to conduct Islamic prayer rituals.

By allowing this practice the TDSB has condoned gender discrimination against girls who are segregated from the boys during the rituals and worse singled out as “Unclean” and denied participation at all should they be menstruating. All of this goes against Canadian values, our Charter of Rights & Freedoms and Ontario education policy. It is speculated that the TDSB is condoning these activities in order to ensure they continue to receive education funding for Muslim students whose parents might otherwise pull their children from the system if their demands were not met. Muslim students now comprise a significant revenue source for the TDSB.

The video is a series of interviews with participants, ranging from Robert Lantos & Meir Weinstein to a woman who converted to Christianity from Islam, an atheist, a young couple who have seen Christian children discriminated against first hand by the TDSB and more. The video concludes with a verbal melee which illustrates how divisive the TDSB’s Islam First policy has become.

The bit starting at 9:26 is especially telling. A good indication of how selective enforcement of laws is itself a crime of some magnitude.

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