The Toronto District School Board Lied About Muslim Prayers – The Community Has Complained

Once again, Blazing Cat fur busts a liar in authority, and does the job the MSM gets paid to avoid doing.

The first couple of paragraphs are here and click over for the rest:

The TDSB lied when the stated they had not received complaints about the Islamic prayer rituals they have allowed in public schools. Unless of course you don’t count the author of the following e-mail, a TDSB Teacher, as a member of the “community”.

Dear Xxxx

“I fully support your protest against the TDSB and, while neither Jewish, Hindu or Christian, I plan to attend on Monday.

Watching your video of the news conference, I noticed you had some question about how “the story broke.” I don’t know about the story, but I can tell you I spent the better part of the past year writing on this issue to the TDSB, all the trustees including those newly elected in November, my MPP, the Premier, the Ministry of Education, the media, and to other miscellaneous groups and individuals I thought might share my concern. Just about no one replied. Deafening silence.

Below is the message I sent, lightly tweaked for the various recipients. So you can see that the issue had been raised, contrary to the claims that no one had complained, but officials were ignoring it.


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