The post modern dilemma. Killed in a robbery, or jailed for ‘discrimination’.

Having created a society where any form of discrimination that is in your interest is illegal, but absurd forms of discrimination is encouraged such as allowing the cafeteria at public schools to turn in to mosques or forcing business to ban smoking etc. the family in this video faces what is probably a much more common dilemma than one might at first think.

H/T Snaphanen

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3 Replies to “The post modern dilemma. Killed in a robbery, or jailed for ‘discrimination’.”

  1. What a sad story. What a brave man with a brave wife. What a wonderful couple standing up to the muzzie thugs.

  2. European nations need concealed carry gun permits with proper training, or armed guards on the premises. The root problem lies once again with the bleeding heart liberals ‘inviting’ hordes of immigrants into a country with no education, will to work or assimilate, but just to live off of the government dole, and perpetrate violent crimes against the citizens.

  3. That smug anti-fa type really makes my blood boil..he is but another example of a leftist that would throw his own people to the wolves in the name of political correctness, no matter how high the body count.

    The man in the wheelchair has nothing to lose..and he is the old American saying goes, better to go to court and be judged by 12 of your peers, than be carried to your grave by 6..

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