OIC seeks to gag Wilders

The ‘Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’ just can’t seem to help but proove Wilders right can they?

From NIS news

THE HAGUE, 09/07/11 – The cabinet is rejecting calls by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to muzzle Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders.

‘The Dutch Government will continue to reject any call to gag a politician. The Netherlands enjoys freedom of expression and attaches great value to it,” accordign to Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal. He was responding on the ministry’s website to a call from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to “contain the campaign of hatred and incitement” by Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders.

“To prevent any misunderstanding the Dutch government wants to make clear that Mr Wilders is not a part of the government,” stated Rosenthal. “It is well known that the government takes a different view of Islam from the PVV. The government considers Islam a religion and the Netherlands respects freedom of religion.”

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  1. Ain’t it typical? The perpetrator of the crime (incitement) ALWAYS projects their crime onto the victim, as if Wilders or any sane concerned citizen who speaks out against it is the one guilty of incitement.

    Well after a few years of abuse we now can smell this stench of Arab moral inversion a mile away.

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