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9 Replies to “Ezra Levant and Kathy Shaidle discuss the Islamic, ‘Festival of intolerance’ coming to Toronto”

  1. #morticia
    Courageous? Dealing with islam means being willing to fight it eventually. I’m pretty sure this woman isn’t prepared and doesn’t know how to do that. There doesn’t seem to be more than academic chit-chat in that pipeline.

  2. Homophobia vs Islamophobia. It looks like they both have a good deal of strength. Who has the best degree of strength. I would say the muzzies but the gay community is always a tough one to take on even for a muzzie. May they muzzle the muzzies with some cool rubber gear and get them to pray to allah dressed in that rubber gear. The all male bowing down is kinda gay in any case. The gays should work on that theme for some posters.

  3. We always pray to the black stone dressed in our gear. Round here it is the way we roll. We even pray with one hand on the butt of the next guy to us. Prayer time is a time of hot brotherly love muzzie style. Some of us even have cute kaaba earrings and necklaces. There is absolutely no problem with gays and muzzies in our masjid. The Al Koran Gay Association invites you to the mosque. We are building a separate lesbian hall for the hot burka babes at the moment. At the moment it is a small mosque so we call it a mosquito. Soon it will be a mosque when the building is finished and the hot construction crew have sadly gone. Anyway come to the Al Koran Gay Mosquito and pray to Allah and see true brotherly love in action. Once bitten by our mosquito you will be smitten for life. Imam Rear Islam and Imam Queer Islam.

  4. Looks like us redhead supremacists are even out of the fight. Lack of numbers. With regards to this fight though my money is on the gays. I think the muzzies have a worldwide umma but so do the gays and they tend to be more talented and intelligent. So it looks like the the muzzie umma and the gay umma will go head to head. I know a lot of you posters are thinking the muzzies are stronger but brains and hot pecs are a powerful combination for the gays. In the uk the gays even take muzzie hate preachers to court for making homophobic remarks. The fighting has just begun and it is going to get interesting.

  5. There are hadiths that say Mo was gay and he loved to wear women’s clothing. To be sure he was quadsexua. He loved sex with women, men and of course children and sex with dead people. It is all in the hadiths. The freakish place he occupies with regards to sex makes the average gay couple look positively unadventurous.

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