Small tribute to Canada

July 1st was Canada day. I shot a few minutes of video from a nice vantage point in Ottawa as a way of saying thank you to my country. Canada is known for punching way above its weight class in many conflicts for freedom and for liberal values historically and around the world.

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  1. Yes, the fireworks in Edmonton were fantastic also. I was impressed for this regressive little oil capital
    My MP made himself visable at several functions, good on him, cooking pancakes, going to the air museum and other funcitions, however, the pathetic major of Edmonton attended a mosque for Canada Day along with his buddy, the elected conservative sikh who dresses the same way all the extremist terrorist sikhs do who never got jail terms for blowing up the plane over Canada. I wonder how they see that as supporting Canadian identity.
    Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee.

  2. We who live in Canada are truly blessed. Shangri-La it isn’t, but it’s as close to perfect as is possible for any country populated by diverse peoples to be.
    We must remain ever vigilant, though, because Canada’s overly-generous Immigration and Refugee System is pouring aspiring New Canadians into the country with wild abandon. Everybody gets in, it would seem, without much scrutiny, and then is allowed to roam Canada at will. Many newcomers wish this country harm, though, and don’t want to assimilate, but take it over and implement alien and repressive laws that would make slaves of us all. Don’t let it happen !

  3. All I have is the email sent to me by my MP with his itineary as well as the mayors.
    I didn’t read the news papers yet

  4. Edmonton Canada Day events:

    Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

    July 1 , Begins at 2 p.m.

    Hadi Mosque Grounds (7005-98 Avenue)

    Special guests Mayor Stephen Mandel, Tim Uppal, Federal Minister of State for Democratic Reforms, Dr.Raj Sherman and others will be present at the celebration.

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