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6 Replies to “Ezra Levant interviews ‘Five Feet of Fury’”

  1. Kathy Shaidle is a woman of Courage and like all heros and spokes people including Ezra, they don’t file their canines.
    Thanks for the tip on Penn

  2. Oh ya, and on the banana bitch, if I were sitting next to that dingbat, I would have asked her if the odor from my fart that I blew in her direction bothered her? Farting on command is quite an art and although practiced usually during early teens, some more gifted individuals can maintain the artform into adulthood.

  3. Morticia:

    The same people who banned perfume as a “human right not to have to smell it” would fight for the right for burkas and so on as a cultural/religious right. Yet the cultural right of women to wear perfume which is a tradition in our culture dating back to pre-Roman times of course doesn’t matter at all. So this is about the human right to destroy anything western or insult anything western while forcing upon us anything we may find objectionable like Burkas and we are racist bigots if we don’t like our own destruction. Embrace it even.

  4. ok Penn and Teller seen by me for the first time. Very clever. I looked up lots of their videos from all the other seasons which are outrageously rank and laugh out loud stuff. this video is a great laugh too

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