Sham Policy To Address Islamism Exposed By The English Defence League

From The EDL website:

Published on 10-06-2011 08:55  Number of Views: 14

Tommy Robinson, Leader of the English Defence League (EDL), has exposed David Cameron’s apparent ‘get tough’ policy towards Islamism as a complete sham. People can now see the real approach of the Conservative led regime with regard to defending the British people against the Islamist threat.

We have heard much talk recently about how the Conservatives will be getting tough on Islamic extremism in Britain. Many people in Britain were heartened by David Cameron’s recent tough and realistic rhetoric on the subject, but an article recently posted on the Daily Mail website indicates a marked shift in Government and Conservative Party policy on this matter. Far from being serious about dealing with the problem of Islamism in Britain, the Conservative Party seems to be adopting the failed and hugely damaging policy of the previous Labour Government. Can the Conservative Party ever be trusted to deal with Islamism and the serious threat that it poses to our national security and democratic way of life? Perhaps their ‘hard line’ has been vetoed by the Lib Dems?

The political climb-down on dealing with Islamism rigorously and realistically has been exposed as nothing more than sham political window dressing. The policy reversal came shortly after EDL leader, Tommy Robinson, put the Home Secretary Theresa May on the spot and asked her some very direct and pertinent questions on the subject. It seems that Channel 4 television cameras recorded Mr Robinson entering and leaving the meeting which meant that the Home Secretary could not deny the exchange of views with the EDL leader. Fearing a propaganda coup by the EDL the Conservative Party has appeared to have fallen back into its usual ‘tree-hugger’ mode.

At least the initiative of Mr Robinson has exposed David Cameron’s rhetoric for what it is – words and not deeds. It would appear that he has no intention what-so-ever of dealing with the Islamist threat to our democracy. It seems likely, therefore, that the well established and disastrous policy of appeasement will continue into the future.

Was the Government’s previous rhetoric merely a response to the growing support enjoyed by the English Defence League amongst ordinary Britons and an attempt to appear to be listening to their concerns? The Conservative Party perhaps thought that it could reduce the appeal of the EDL by duping people into believing that the political mainstream could get Islamism under control. In the end it is apparent that only grass roots groups like the EDL have a realistic grasp of the situation and that any belief that the political mainstream can address the issue has now evaporated. The message is clear, the Conservative Party is incapable of formulating policies to keep Britain secure from the threat posed by Islamism and has now lost all credibility on the issue. Whenever it talks tough on Islamism it is just talk, and always will be.

David Cameron once said ‘the EDL are terrible people’ but did not elaborate and say why he chose to demonise the whole cross section of the British public that make up EDL ranks. The EDL is an inclusive, multiracial, and multi-faith organisation that incorporates the wide diversity of people that make up modern Britain. The slurs and slanders put forward by its opponents on the revolutionary left and in the political establishment will undoubtedly continue despite them not reflecting reality. Nevertheless, the EDL will continue to be open to different ethnicities, to homosexuals as well as heterosexuals, and to men and women from all sections of society. It will continue to have an LGBT Division, a Jewish Division, an ‘Angels’ Division (for women) and a whole host of other ‘Divisions’ designed to educate people about the importance of racial tolerance, of opposing homophobia, and of championing the rights of women. It will continue to support the British armed forces, especially as the British government continues to undermine and demoralise those forces that put their lives on the line for the benefit of us all.

Tommy Robinson tried in all good faith to enter into dialogue with the Home Secretary, but had his efforts thrown back in his face. He obviously failed to get through to her, but then she and her party have obviously already made up their mind. If you are concerned about the rise of Islamism in Britain, the answer lies not in voting Conservative but in joining the English Defence League. The answer lies in showing your opposition to Islamism personally at the many demonstrations that the EDL is now organising in towns and cities across the country. You have a voice, it is time to make it heard!

No Surrender!

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  1. The EDL and the other national defense leagues are destined to become the TEA Parties of Britain and Europe, hopefully they will continue to hold politicians feet to the fire to ensure they keep their promises. What they have to remember and educate people to remember is that actions speak louder then words, it is well and good for politicians to make a speech about a problem but if the speech is all that is done then the Politicians have to be vilified in the press until they start walking the walk as well as talking the talk.

  2. Well done Tommy: it says it all when we have a Home Secretary describing a
    patriotic pressure group as “a group whose purpose is to divide and to encourage
    hatred in our society, and I condemn them for that.” A statement which could more
    appropriately be applied to the Jihadists in our midst, but she lacks the courage to
    confront the Islamic extremists with such a statement, appeasement is her mantra and
    we know that is not the solution when dealing with fanatics. However the Daily Mail
    does the EDL no favours,labelling it as an “extremist right wing group.” On the plus
    side, the publicity gained will focus the public’s attention on the government’s
    committment to deal with the threat from the real extremists in our country rather
    than attempt to vilify those who are prepared, by their demonstrations, to make their
    voices heard in defence of the culture and traditions of this great country.
    We must never give in! No surrender.

  3. From day one I thought accusing the EDL of being extreme, conservative, right wing or facist is completely innacurate and unfair as they are championing moderate to libral views.

    They are championing a moderate point of view, just doing it loudly.

    I think the birth of my country was a good thing. If I take the effort to get together with a thousand people and have a parade about it and then watch some fireworks, how does that make my opinion extreme?

  4. The EDL needs to become a political party asap. That is the only way it can be an alternative to the current state of affairs. To expect the political rats to change of their own accord while they have total power is to expect the impossible. Power will only be relinguished when they are forced out.

  5. “Can the Conservative Party ever be trusted to deal with Islamism and the serious threat that it poses to our national security and democratic way of life?” The answer of course is NO. NONE of the politicians who occupy the stage at this present day can. No matter how difficult that’s going to be, there’s no other option than wiping the slate clean.

  6. Rather then becoming a political party they need to become the king makers, the ones that hold the politicians feet to the fires so they keep their word.

  7. I’m surprised, surprised that anyone would be surprised by Cameron being two faced on this, or any other issue.
    He’ll be giving a “cast iron guarantee” on Islamism next, then we’ll know he’s lying.

  8. This is a great victory for the EDL and for Britain, though she doesn’t realise this, yet. It is in hope that the PC media will find it nessassary to jump in because of the continuing victories coming from the hard work of ordinary everyday Brits who love their country and freedom. An uphill battle as well the media is. If the Home Secretary and David Cameren, who called the EDL “terrible people” what do they call the extremist that protested against the memorial on 9/11? Where was Mr. Cameren’s and the Home Secretary’s wreath?
    Britain’s brothers from across the pond are so grateful for the EDL’s standing up for freedom and their nation and its just damn inspirational to us over here and helps us in our battle to keep freedom alive. And freedom,that they will never take from Britain and America!

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