Multicultural Toronto Mosque Promotes Xtreme Sharia Compliance: Stoning, Cutting Off Hands, Sedition

Blazing Cat Fur once again does the job for free, that others get paid massive amounts to pretend to do, while studiously ignoring it:

The Khalid Bin Al Walid Mosque is located on Bethridge Rd. in Etobicoke, near the neighborhood now known as “Little Somalia” and serves that community. I live in Etobicoke, so does Mayor Ford, in fact I grew up here. I attended high school at what was then known as Keiller MacKay Collegiate. The old neighborhood sure has changed.

So what has unfettered immigration and the lie of multiculturalism brought to our fair city? Read this document entitled “Violations of Islam” published on the Khalid Mosque web site and judge for yourself.

Here are a some highlights.

(b) To say that enforcing the punishments prescribed by Allah, such as cutting off the hand of a thief or stoning an adulterer, is not suitable in this day and age.

Supporting and aiding polytheists against the Muslims.

My Favourite; To believe…”that lslam is the cause of the backwardness of Muslims.”

Update: The boys at Khalid Bin have removed the article from their site😉

Please click over to BCF to see the SCRIBD

as well as a SUN TV video on this.

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7 Replies to “Multicultural Toronto Mosque Promotes Xtreme Sharia Compliance: Stoning, Cutting Off Hands, Sedition”

  1. We should shut down those rats incubators. We should start putting pressure on our government to take away all the advantages of religion to Islam and give it the status of an organized political ideology based on submission.

  2. Let us consider the hypothetical situation that ALL Muslims at present living in the West, accepted the call, under the threat of expulsion, to clean up their communities of extremism . They even went further and made changes in their teachings of the Koran and the jihad. Such an outcome would no doubt come as a relief to many on this site, the government, the MSM, and elsewhere. But I counter, that all such changes were being done merely to protect the ummah while it grows at ever-increasing pace in the West. Once a near majority is achieved, that future generation of Muslims will simply revoke any changes(Taqqiya is advocated for Muslims when under stress), and return to the traditions of the unchanging and unchangeable Koran i.e., the canonical texts of Islam that cannot be changed, but only protected when under duress. That future generation of Muslims in the UK or the West, will even praise this generation of Muslims for having done what was necessary to protect Islam.

  3. The solution to the Muslim Problem is very simple: deportation. Get the Unwanted Dirtbags out of our Western Nations.
    We didn’t ask for the Fecks… so why are they here !?

  4. Jason Kenney shows a nice example of a politically correct beating around the bush. Does he think Canadians are completely stupid. Of coarse the problem is dirrectly related to immigration. Whether islamists are born or not they let (and still do) the wrong people in in the first place. Speaking about immigration, the family reunification program is another joke and a big problem in itself. In any case, the question for Jason Kenney should be: Now that you know you have islamists in your backyard what are you going to do about it Jason?

  5. The problem is two fold, immigration and the refusal of the left to allow the west to insist on assimilation, we are building to a war that will make WWII look like a kindergarten fight.

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