14 YO Norwegian girl kills self after immigrant gang rape

Here is the original link in Norwegian. Below, a machine translation:

Notice that it is believed that these gang rapes are “planned in advance”. This is as much political as it is criminal. Perhaps a great deal more so.


















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4 Replies to “14 YO Norwegian girl kills self after immigrant gang rape”

  1. As the father of two daughters I find this too sad to contemplate.

    In the land of Odin and Thor, is there no one who will put on their helmet, pick up their hafted axe, and take this battle back to those who perpetrated this outrage ?

  2. When the government will not protect the citizens from attacks like this they have broken the social contract with the public, for this reason it is time for the Norwegians to start protecting themselves and to DEMAND the right to own the weapons that are necessary if they are to protect themselves.

  3. They do this to show that the Norwegian men are cowards and can’t, or unwilling to protect their own women. They won’t band together and patrol their own areas of responsibility where their families live. They isolate themselves and rely on their incompetent leaders and police to protect them even after it is proven they can’t or won’t. This will continue to happen until the sheep transform themselves into sheep dogs and fend off the dirty wolves. Unfortunately there are too many sheep and not enough sheepdogs now to protect them all.

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