Geert Wilders trip to Switzerland cancelled due to fears of Islamic violence.

Below is a machine translation from Oscar Fraysinger’s website about the scheduled visit by Geert Wilders to Switzerland. H/T Snaphanen.DK

“I thought that Switzerland was a free country!


Oskar Freysinger is furious. The town refuses to welcome Savièse, Saturday, June 11, on its territory, the controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders that UDC had invited.

Oskar Freysinger, Michel Dubuis, chairman of the Joint Saviese while it informs the press’s refusal to receive the Dutch politician Geert Wilders in his village. (Photo: Keystone) 

Authorities Savièse felt after “risk assessment” that the arrival of Geert Wilders on June 11 in their commune was too dangerous. They have announced, Thursday, May 26 in early afternoon yesterday after receiving an official request for an Islamic association in Savièse to show the same day, says Rhone FM radio .

The Dutch MP was invited by Oskar Freysinger to come speak on “Islamization of Europe” at a party at the Halle holiday to mark the launch of the campaign the SVP of Valais Romand .

For security reasons

In a statement released Thursday, the municipality of Savièse indicates that threats are real overflow. They are linked to particular projects rallies on the internet. The Municipal Council has also “banned all meetings and gatherings related, directly or indirectly in this event.”

“These factors weigh heavily now on the interests and safety of our community. They project us into a situation where we can expect great probability of clashes and outbursts, “said the municipality.

A guest hidden in the municipality?

And to clarify: “The council executive has asked the following question:” Can we take the risk to endanger the population saviésanne and threatening public order and security? “. This decision is based solely on communal security aspects and can not be treated as an attack on freedom of expression. ”

The town hall said that the parties had been reserved for a political meeting ordinary. The arrival of a guest “extraordinary, announced late, completely changes the conditions for the provision of premises”.

A decision considered unjust

UDC president of Valais, Oskar Freysinger called the decision unfair, says Rhone FM. For him, it is “the beginning of the end of the Western democracies” that “trample on a fundamental principle is freedom of expression.”

Contacted by “20 Minutes”, the National Council confirms be stunned by the decision of the village where he resides. “I really did not think it would ban the arrival of Geert Wilders. The chairman of the county, the Socialist Michel Dubuis, known since March 19 the identity of the guest speaker. Maybe he did not realize that was not Geert Wilders and had the sense to learn? “Notes Oskar Freysinger.

And offended: “The authorities have folded after the announcement of a demonstration of the Central Council of Muslims Islamic Switzerland (DCIS), a body chaired by the Biennnois Nicolas Blanchot. A shame! When these are extremist Muslims who gather in Switzerland, as in Biel, they can do. When it Freysinger an elected federal, inviting someone to talk certainly is a muscular but elected a democratic country, to come and speak, it is forbidden! I thought that we lived in a free country, I’m scared! “.

Geert Wilders in a room at Zion

The local branch of the Agrarian Party hears however opt out of receiving Geert Wilders in Valais. Thursday morning at 10am, she found an alternative to renting a hall of 220 seats in the conference center Giroud, Sion. The owner of the room indicates that the expected arrival of Geert Wilders’ happening in the calm. ”

“The room of the Cave Giroud is much smaller than that of Hall Savièse festivities. We will spend a capacity of 1,000 seats to 220! It will consider whether the private party is by invitation. For security outside the room, it will not be my problem “is still Oskar Freysinger

Inciting racial hatred

In his country, Geert Wilders is on trial for incitement to racial hatred and discrimination against Muslims. He faces up to one year imprisonment or a fine of 7600 euros.

On 23 May, the Amsterdam court rejected a defense request that called for Wilders to drop charges against the leader of a party considered far-right Dutch.

Geert Wilders is being prosecuted for having compared the Koran to “Mein Kampf” by Adolf Hitler in statements between 2006 and 2008 in the Dutch newspapers, on internet forums and in his 17-minute film “Fitna” (“Discord” in Arabic). Film that the Valais Oskar Freysinger wanted to project during this evening Savièse.

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