Buddhists in Thailand finally fight back. Media fails to celebrate.

This is a new bit I have been thinking on how to describe for a couple of days now. I find it to be perhaps one of the best examples of what has gone so very wrong in the Western world at some point since the 1960s.

After years of murder, torture, rape and horror by Muslims to the Buddhists in the ‘restive’ areas of Thailand (Video not available since youtube closed my channel, will try and replace it) Buddhists are doing something they learned the very hard way. “The way of peace cannot work against those who have closed hearts” (paraphrasing the Dalai Lama on Islam) These Buddhists have formed militias in cooperation with local police and are attempting to protect themselves, their culture, history, religion, women, nation and ancestral homes against an invading Islam. The reporter who covers this story manages to explain these facts yet somehow still make both sides equally in the moral wrong. It staggers the imagination. He manages to find someone to quote who accuses the defenders of exacerbating the situation by defending themselves.

Much like General Petreaus when he spoke of Pastor Jones, I suppose they feel it would make it much safer for all of us if we just surrendered and converted to Islam instead of actually defend our own moral and legal codes.

Here is the video from the AP:

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  1. The left has spent decades trying to destroy the idea that people are allowed to defend themselves, now we are paying the price. The Buddhist in Thailand are defending themselves and their culture and the left is afraid of a civil war, well the war is already here and the left is protesting that one side of the civil war is defending themselves.

  2. This is very good news. The Thais are not losing their beautiful culture in order to become fuzzy brained muzzies in burkas. What a disaster that would be. I was just reading about the Malays and how sophisticated and chic they looked under British rule and now they are in black tents.Ghastly the evil of islam. Once the british left the arabs streamed back in with their arabising islamic tyranny and now look at the malays. The laughing stock of Malaysia. Even with so much political power and affirmative action they can not make their way forward and grab the billionair spots from the chinese and indians who rule them economically.

  3. The negoridmongoloid unity front against Arab supremacism in action. This is the Thai side here of course.

  4. Yeah it is, and the woman/girl would be better armed if her shotgun barrel was about 20 inches long. That is long enough that the shot will hang together but short enough to move easily.

  5. not only in Thailand but even in sri Lanka we have started to defend our culture and traditions. we are farmers..we respect the cow..its not a hindhu thing..its in our hearts.we have our historical landmarks. we have our national suite.they are destroying religious places dat are thousands of years old in our country.we cant just stand idle watching our identity being destroyed. we need to leave something for the future generations to see..n be proud of. ive no idea why Muslims are destroying these things that are valuable to us.

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