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4 Replies to “Ezra Levant on the musician arrested in the UK for singing ‘Kung Fu Fighting’”

  1. Ezra Levant, like him or not, is expressing clear ideas. No double tongue. No need to like him but he is authentic. Authenticity is very valuable. It is the core of free speech. The core of our democracy. The pillar of a strong community.

  2. Sometimes it gets discouraging. Ezra is so obviously right, but most people I know would be on to their third Sarah Palin joke by now and getting ready to move on to tinfoil hat jokes. Educated lefties simply will not take anybody seriously once the label “right-wing-nutbar” had been applied to him, and Ezra is now considered a right-wing-nutbar. It’s like quoting Rush Limbaugh. Once you get past the “Rush Limbaugh said,” part, the input switch is simply set to the “off” position. It’s so hard to make a point when they just won’t listen.

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