France blocks Italian trains carrying migrants

BBC NEWS… Authorities in France have blocked trains from Italy in an attempt to stop north African migrants from entering the country.

Trains carrying migrants and political activists have been stopped at the border – prompting Italy to launch an official complaint with its neighbour.

Italy has angered France by giving out temporary resident permits to thousands of Tunisian migrants.

The permits allow them to travel freely in many European countries.

The Italian foreign ministry said the French move was “illegitimate and in clear violation of general European principles”.

Schengen infringement?

Maurizio Furia, a spokesman for the Italian rail company, said that trains were not being allowed to pass into Menton, France, from the Italian border station of Ventimiglia.

France says migrants have to prove they can support themselves financially and has set up patrols on the Italian border.

But Italy says that France’s actions are in violation of the EU’s Schengen passport-free travel zone.

“We have given the migrants travel documents, and we gave everything (else) that is needed, and the European Commission recognised that, it has said that Italy is following the Schengen rules,” Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said in an interview on Italy’s Sky TG24 TV.

Italy and other European countries have been increasingly concerned about migration from north Africa following the political turmoil in the region.

Earlier this month, Italy and France agreed to launch sea and air patrols to try to prevent the influx of thousands of people from Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

5 Replies to “France blocks Italian trains carrying migrants”

  1. the good ol european union, what a joy, viva la France,
    But, Coming our way very soon, already upon us basically, where did all the agreements on the numbers of immigrants and refugees actually come from? When were all these numbers presented in bills to be debated and passed in the house of commons, Or were all these decisions made at Global meetings, outside of the knowledge and awareness of Canadians, carried on and propagandized in our media, so that paradigms became realities of the brainwashed masses
    Reduce numbers of immigrants and refugees today
    It is only cheap labor, and reduces the fair wages that the bottom levels of society can earn Stop radical islamics from entering this country and stop it today
    Keep those lunatic liberals aqnd ndps from gaining any foothold in these tenuous times, Big surprise the extremist muslim brotherhood is taking hold in all the so called democratic revolts, only a matter of time before they all succomb to the extremist theocratic lunatic islamic fundamentalist takeovers, more Irans, oh boy, I can hardly wait

  2. Morticia, the cheap-labor excuse does not apply to mahoundians, as much as the EU bureaucrats would like everyone to believe, especially when they say that black-cube worshippers are imported into Europe to help “make up for a shrinking tax base.” The reason why mahoundians want to go to Europe is to avoid working and live luxurious lives at the expense of those who actually do work and pay taxes.

  3. Morticia.. They did not need to consult anyone. They only had to convince the white westerner that they were racist whether they knew it or not. Any one who spoke out about this was branded a racist [ and some were and are ]. So the masses were shamed into silence and the numbers no longer mattered as everyone was afraid to address this crime against us. It is the same with foreign policy. The western taxpayer is obligated to hand their money over in the form of taxes which is then sent over seas. All those who said you are asking to much were labeled heartless racists. There is much more on this subject but the end result meant that only the top earners can really afford more than one or two children and we are then told that we must import more people because we are not breeding enough. I’m not much for conspiracy theories but I can recognize a pattern when I see one. What I find most amazing is that the our grandparents stood fast and strong against Nazis bullets and artillery and came out victorious.Yet their grandchildren [us] cower in submission, not from bullets and bayonets but from a word. RACIST. We should all hang our heads in shame, then hold them back up and remember who we are so that we can fight this contagious mental illness we are afflicted with.

  4. Well said Taffy.
    As long as we remain terrified of being labelled “racist” we will be held at ransom by those who want to keep us silent.
    I love it when someone calls me racist because then I can hit back by saying “islam is not a race … get educated first.” That pretty much shuts the finger pointers and that earns me more enemies. I also like collecting enemies.

  5. Too bad the French didn’t do this in the 70s, 80s and 90s when the majority of the seed group Muslims sought “refuge” there.

    Now they will have to explain to the dhimmi EU why they don’t want more illegal Muslim immigrants who are there basically for a free ride.

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