Science, politics, political correctness and the end of civilization.

All positions have political consequences. All facts also have political consequences. One simply cannot recognize a fact without realizing that at some point, at some level, this will change something if the knowledge is applied. Perhaps the previous post today on DDT illustrates that best. Studies were faked to make DDT illegal and millions upon millions of people died of Malaria that simply would not have, had this pesticide continued to be in use. However the environmentalist left forced its global banning for its own reasons.

Now Dr. James Watson, one of the two discoverers of what might be the single most important discovery in all of the biological sciences of all time, DNA, had his talk shut down by anarchist demonstrators in Greece. (Thanks for the flag check A. Millar) because his discovery without question destroys the notion that in certain physical ways, not all people are equal.

We are now used to any political speech that is attempted being shut down by Muslims, leftists and so on, especially if it is Israel positive and if it is counter to the narrative. But now raw science. This is the sign that the embrace by civilization of barbarism has become a death grip.

First, the video of the attempted speech by Watson:

The story can be read on New Scientist here.

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3 Replies to “Science, politics, political correctness and the end of civilization.”

  1. Leftists and anarchists are pretty much like Muslims when it comes to understanding science and truth: they don’t.

    When their precious beliefs are challenged by reason and logic, they choose irrationality and violence as answers. You cannot reason with them, you cannot accept their arguments since they are not based on facts, but feelings.

    Too bad that one of the most celebrated scientists of the last century has to undergo such treatment at the end of his career.

  2. Steady readers of vlad tepes know that I have been saying that we are in the opening decades of a Dark Age. All of you have no idea how sick it makes me feel to see evidence that I am right, I have been praying and praying hard that I was wrong.

  3. How daring! And to think, I am such a leftist, pacific Southwest Drasma Queen with no place to bear her fruit. Whata barren, wasteful and toxic world we are creating, both body, mind, and physical realm. Welcome all to the new Western Idealism- Just Give In!

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