Elie Wiesel resigns from the “Genocide Institute Canada,” dissociates himself from Emir Ramic

“Elie Wiesel cannot sit together with Emir Ramic in the same organization. He does hereby resign from the ‘International Team of Experts’ of the Institute for the Research of Genocide Canada. Thank you, and please do confirm receipt of this message.”

This terse note, sent by the Elie Wiesel Foundation to the Bosnian-Muslim “Institute” on April 14, is a welcome and long overdue development. Professor Wiesel is to be commended for dissociating himself from Emir Ramic and all that he and his Jihadist cohorts stand for. This fraudulent disinformation outfit now stands unmasked for what it is and terminally discredited.
JULIA GORIN WRITES: Professor Wiesel and his foundation are to be commended for the integrity and courage they have demonstrated by this act. All the more since the political fallout and pressure against him now — including, potentially, by senior government officials and other prominent types around the world — may be immense. For background on the ghastly Emir Ramic and his Bosnian-Canadian “genocide institute,” please see the summary by Srdja Trifkovic, whose persecution and expulsion from Canada at the behest of Ramic’s institute prompted the latter’s own exposure by me and others.whether it was my Feb. 28th letter to the Wiesel Foundation’s director Daniel Schwartz that called their attention to what was going on and what the Institute was at its core, or whether Professor Wiesel and his staff found out about it from the above-linked articles. But I will reproduce for readers the letter as I’d sent it:

Dear Mr. Schwartz: I’m a Jewish columnist who recently stumbled onto the fact that Mr. Elie Wiesel is indicated as an expert adviser on the website for the Institute for Research on Genocide in Canada (IRGC).Last Thursday, the IRGC accused the scholar and author Dr. Srdja Trifkovic of “genocide denial” and influenced the Canadian authorities to ban him from entering the country. In contrast to Dr. Trifkovic, who has been a keynote speaker at Yad Vashem, the director of IRGC — Emir Ramic, who wrote a protest letter to the Canadian university where Trifkovic was to speak and got the wheels in motion for his removal from Canada — is on the editorial board of an Islamist magazine in Sarajevo called Korak (Step), published in Sarajevo

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2 Replies to “Elie Wiesel resigns from the “Genocide Institute Canada,” dissociates himself from Emir Ramic”

  1. There are more jihadist front organizations working openly in the world than you can shake a stick at.

    One in particular has had decades of operations, funded by everyone who pumps gas into their gas tank. We all know what the little jihad-funding organization is called, so I won’t bother mentioning it.

    Kudos to Mr. Wiesel for letting the world know that Islamist fronts come in all shapes and sizes. To use a genocide research organization as a disguise for Islamic supremacy is very distasteful, since the Muslims have perpetrated more acts of genocide in their 1,300 year history than any other people on the planet and continue to do so.

    Anyone ever hear of Bangladesh or Pakistan, to name but two countries that are practicing genocide against Christians and Hindus? And what of Egypt’s on-going cleansing of the country of its Copts, who were, along with the Jews, the first “modern” monotheists living there?

    Muslims know no shame. They hide behind their own children and distort the stories of the victims of the Nazi Holocaust to promote their agenda of global domination.

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