Cultural enrichment news from GOV. Today’s chapter, Holland

The text below copied and pasted from Gates of Vienna verbatim:

Here’s a little snippet of news from the Netherlands that’s worth pondering. The inexorable logic of Western “diversity”, “tolerance”, and “human rights” produces the following sequence of events:

An illegal immigrant — a failed asylum seeker — kills a policeman. After he is convicted of the crime, he cannot be deported, because his nationality is unknown. If the judicial system is lenient and compassionate with him — as is often the case in Europe — he will spend a relatively short time behind bars. When he is released, the entire sequence of events can be repeated indefinitely.

Multicultural ideology demands that culture enrichers be imported en masse in the name of “diversity”. “Tolerance” prevents any effective action against the barbaric behavior the enrichers bring with them. “Human rights” make it all but impossible to return even the most degraded among them whence they came.

This process is yet more evidence that some mysterious form of mass insanity has infected a large portion of the Western populace. What other explanation makes any sense?

It’s not just the “elites” or the ruling oligarchy — millions of voters return the same scoundrels to office over and over again, knowing full well the ideology and policies they will implement. Otherwise normal, well-educated, well-meaning people exhibit a bizarre compulsion to commit collective suicide, because the alternative — being thought of, or seeing themselves as “racist” — is worse than the death of their entire culture.

Utter madness.

Here’s the story from Dutch News:

Groningen Shooter’s Nationality ‘Unknown’

The man who shot dead a police officer and allegedly battered a young woman to death is a failed asylum seeker who cannot be deported because his nationality is unknown, police confirmed on Thursday evening.

The 25-year-old, known as Alasam S, was also known to the police, the Telegraaf reported. He is currently in hospital being treated for bullet wounds after police shot him five times in the leg as he tried to escape.

Local police chief Oscar Dros told a news conference the force had been shocked at the death of the 48-year-old officer who tried to stop Alasam S at the station after an alert had gone out for his arrest. The officer was in plain clothes at the time and was apparently shot with his own gun.

The shooting took place in the Groningen village of Baflo, which has a population of 1,800 and is described as a ‘close knit’ community.

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