Former Pakistani diplomat attempts to explain the slaughter of Sufi Muslims by regular Muslims.

Another great clip from Wrath of Khan. This Pakistani of course is using the usual dodge, attempting to blame Islamic slaughter on poverty and so on. The host doesn’t seem to go for it.


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6 Replies to “Former Pakistani diplomat attempts to explain the slaughter of Sufi Muslims by regular Muslims.”

  1. What a lier. Spinning lies for islam. “Against the tennents of islam……………. “yeah heard that one before.

  2. I see we have gone past the 1700 number for terrorist attacks now. Wow. I am beginning to wonder when will the weariness of the west come. I know as a negroligist that it came with regards to Africa when Clintion tried to deliver aid to Somalia. After that Bush sought to be a kind leader and only give aid and he gave lots of aid to Africa, but he was weary of getting involved in any disputes there. Quite right too. With this new leader with the name Hussain as a middle name we have a different problem. He wants to get involved and is continuting the legacy of Bush in a muted way. We need a complete break from the Islamic world as happened in Africa. We need to focus on the hard working people of India, China, and the tiger economies of Asai and the post soviet fast developing hard working countries of Eastern Europe to build civiliasation with people who are capable of reciprocating . This will be the new civilisation of Earth. When the oil runs out the brown muslims will join africa as a “let us not get involved with them there people.”

  3. Pakistan has the singular misfortune of being a third world country with first-world technology.

    Much of the population is ill-educated, can barely read and are at the mercy of tyrants (read: Muslim clerics, etc.).

    When the British left Pakistan/Bangladesh in the 1960s, they left behind a country that was capable of continuing the traditions that where in place. But they didn’t and became, for want of a better word, babbling children who fear anything and anyone who is different.

    When you add 20th century weapons to the mix, you get something that India has worried about for a long, long time; subcontinental atomic war.

    Yet that is par for the course when you believe the lies that are at the heart of Islam, where nobody can question Mo the thug’s words of hate.

    This news article is just more whitewashing of that core by people who are supposed to be journalists.

    Too bad that many will die before the world rids itself of Islam once and for all, Pakistani Sufis included.

  4. “They are almost pavlovian in their responce” BULLSHIT!!! BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT! Shame on him for talking about hurt feelings. Those people were not acting out of hurt feelings. Specific imams with a specific political agenda got those people worked up. The suboids who did the killing were not random muslims who’s feelings were hurt but Taliban fighters with orders to kill. The riots were completely phoney. All muslim riots are. He is either lying or a complete boob.

  5. Pakistan is a failed nation state with nuclear weapons, the only reason we aren’t fighting them is the presence of nuclear weapons, the Pakistanis are in the process of proving that they are incapable of existing as a independent nation. I remember reading (before 9/11/01) about how some of the Nations in the Far East were watching the violence in Africa and were getting ready to call on Europe to re-colonize Africa to stop the slaughter. Now the Moslems are proving that they are as blood thirsty as the African despots and need adult supervision as badly as the despots.

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