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10 Replies to “US government spends hundreds of millions to preserve foreign mosques”

  1. If this is true, then the USA deserves to be hit with no mercy. NO MERCY.
    Until the Americans wake up and take back their govt.

    Sorry to American readers if I sound angry but your govt is so corrupt and so arrogant that the only way to take it back is through blood. Bullets not ballots.

    You elected a pos muslim from kenya and pos democrat jews from the north east, florida or california and this piece of garbage Hitlary Clinton and you lecture the world about democracy.

    I would love to see the US Congress, the White House and Wall Street destroyed. Preferrably when they are full of so many ” noble” politicians, mindless civil servants and business things.

    And I think that so would so many Americans would love to see it also.

    I am not anti American. I am anti stupidity.

  2. What a crock of crap! The same Liberals who scream and demand total separation of church and state, have no problem being touchy feely and singing kum-bye-ah with the same 7th century throwbacks that are building a world wide caliphate. IMHO the State Dept. is out of control and must be put under control of the congress.

  3. Billions for mosques and nothing for Coptic churches that have stood for around 1,600 years.

    And nothing for the Romanesque cathedrals and churches that date to the same period which were destroyed by the Albanian Muslims who now occupy Kosovar.

    Soon, nothing to preserve Europe from the Muslim invasion.

    There is a lot of takiyya and kitman being practiced in the White House which would explain this double standard.

  4. What else would a person expect when we have a muslim who is an illegal president in the White House.

    James G. Borden
    Newsletter Editor
    National Headquarters
    Hilo, Hawaii 96720

  5. One of the stories that will not make America wake up. It should but it won’t. Sorry but I am losing faith in America.Only Allan West, Robert Spencer, And Pam Geller are the voices of sanity. Oh and of course that fine lady on the broadcast. So there is hope but against the apathy of America?They have a lot of work to do.

  6. peadophile prophet a lot of Americans are standing up for freedom, they are simply trying to restore freedom in the US before doing anything else. The conservatives are working to defund Obama and his stupidity, this is one of the things that will be defunded, it just hasn’t made the news.

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