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10 Replies to “Swedish law seems not to apply in Malmo”

  1. Just like in France these no go zones become colonies for the ‘immigrant’ lawbreakers and thugs. In essence the Swedish government has once again failed its citizens miserably. The primary duty of government is the security of the citizens and the state. A nation not in civil control of all of it’s districts and territories is a nation that will soon cease to exist.

  2. Thanks for telling about the totally absurd situation we have in Sweden these days.
    Our powerholders hates us, the swedish people.

  3. I hope the google translation gave understandable result. I Live in Sweden and here is the story in short.

    This woman is a millionaire who participated in a docusoap about millionaires living like “the common people”. These multicultural thugs didnt like cameras on “their” soil. She tried to resonate with them buy saying that they have right to film on public spaces, but the products of multiculturalism said that this where “their turf” and they are the law there. She and the TV-team was under constant surveillance from the thugs and was in the end (after a couple of days) force to leave the area because it is not healthy for sane people to be there.

  4. An interesting side-note on this video: The article you linked on Aftonbladed claims this happened in Rosengård, an area in Malmö which is a fairly central located area with more than 86% of the people with foreign background. Rosengård is daily in the news with streetfights, police being attacked etc. In contrary to the article in Aftonbladet the accident happend in fact in Södra Sofielund. This indicates a growth of the problem and a spread to more areas, rather than being a problem only in the known ghetto-like part of Rosengård. There is a little more information here: http://politisktinkorrekt.info/2011/02/22/safari-i-rosengard/
    The article is in Swedish, but the google translator can do the job…

  5. Bayonet all of them. Everyone who was speaking to her gets bayonetted through the guts. Vlad Tepes knew how to deal with these kind of “people”. Imaplement. Nothing less. Give me immunity and I will do it.

  6. Here is a version of the Video with German subtitles:

    By the way- there is a small mistake in the English translation- when the guys look at her shoes there aren’t saying “you’re hot” they are saying “look she is a cop!”
    A little later one of the guys says “We don’t want police here!” – she answers “But we are not from the police, so it’s ok?”…
    Not really important but I thought I mention it!

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