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11 Replies to “Jack Straw defended: ‘white girls seen as easy meat’ comment upheld”

  1. The worm is turning, the actions of the Moslems are starting to attract attention from the MSM, the Moslems have made their move too fast and too obvious.

  2. “If you really love me you will have sex with my uncle?” Jesus h christ.

    And this woman lives in la la land if she thinks asking “the community” to say that it’s naughty would have ANY effect. The people who peddled that “do it thru the community” business to the government knew it was a pile of steaming BS and its only purpose was to prevent the government from being able to enforce the law.

    I am against vigilante justice but if I was the father or other male relative of one of those now over 5000 girls there is ONLY ONE morally acceptable thing to do (though of course it’s not leagally acceptable). Justice is a CONCEPT and law is a TOOL used to achieve it but they are not the exact same thing.

    It’s no coincedence that only mothers are mentioned. These scum look specifically for non muslim girls who’s fathers don’t live at home. There is calculated strategy involved.

    It’s been done to over 5000 girls just in northern england alone. Does this specific form of calculated exploitation happen in other european countries too?

    I’d not be surprised if it turned out to be a time honored system passed down from generation to generation and not something that started as if by magic as soon as they came to england.

  3. To clarify my last statement. I did a short media survey on this matter because accusations of rape are so often made up for the purposes of war propoganda. Before WWII germany made fims depicting polish men raping german women in order to make the german populace think they were horrible beasts. So I tried to seperate which stories had sources in respected news outlets and which were rumors or propoganda. All this stuff about rape gangs from england comes from the BBC and the Home Office.

    I found while there was much talk about “rape jihad” there was no evidence that the specific crimes were a mosque originated campagn or part of a specific intended strategy of jihad.

    Among the the oft cited proof were accusations of various sex crimes during the Beslan siege which turned out to be obvious russian propoganda.

    The other story cited by people talking about the “rape jihad” was in fact perpertated in french muslim enclaves by muslim gangs against muslilm girls. The victims were muslim girls who were dressing “too western”. It was not directly religously sourced.

    Other examples were of individual incedents that, while vile, didn’t suggest an orchestrated campagn like that against the christians going on now.

    However there were increases in rape in scandinavian countries that corrusponded directly to the increase in “asian” immagrant populations.

    Individual priests and “community spokespeople” would respond to revelations about notorious rapes in europe and australia to make vile comments trying to put the blame on the girls or their families for allowing them to go out of the house or not wearing the hijab/burka. But they weren’t telling the muslim youths to go “rape for allah”.

    So we shouldn’t let these stories make us think that they are all rapists. It is due the degredation of women in Islam and the various cultures the rapists are from but not an orchestrated strategy of jihad.

    That being said I think the ones found guilty of these monsterous acts should be strung up by lamposts as the possability of jail does not seem to have been a deterrant.

  4. jjk999: you are full of Shiite!

    Muhammad and his companions raped the women of the conquered tribes to their hearts delight and sold their children into slavery. Because he was the ‘perfect man for any place and for all times’, Mohammedans today seek to emulate him.

    Rape jihad is very much part of the rewards Muslims seek when conquering infidel lands.

    As for Jack (spit) Straw I have only one thing to say: you are one of the swine who caused the problem, don’t pretend you are part of the solution. Get your sick ass out of England before you’ll hang for treason!

  5. Sheik yer’mami : you are correct indeed about rape jihad is part of the rewards of muslim conquest . Do all muslims have a taste for this vile act I don’t think so but according to Islam they have the complete freedom to do so if they so desire .

  6. Why would you bother telling me I am full of shit? Only the orchestrated military jihad angle turnend out to be unfounded. The verifiable facts reported by government and respected media that I mentioned were far more vile then the stories that turned out false.

    The best weapon for fighting the islamic menace is the truth. People who invent and repeat falsehoods or unfounded generalities will only make it easier to tar eveyone who’s standing up against the jihadist agenda as bigoted lunatics. Thats why I wrote that comment.

    Pimping gangs are a fact, increased rates of rape is a fact. Scumbag clerics taking advantage of others suffering to do a little dawa is a fact. Rape being a reward for jihadists in the Koran is a fact. Rape being basically legal under shariah is a fact. women as property and sex slaves is a fact. Rape jihad isn’t a fact.

    Rape jihad or no, I am sick to death of all this. We don’t need to think about why they hate us. They need to start thinking about why the world’s begun to hate them.

  7. If you search back on Vlad, you will find a case of an Imam who was preaching about how the infidel women of the UK are all far game for rape according to Islam. Eventually, the Imam formed a group with a dozen or so of his ‘parishioners’ and went on a rape spree with the understanding that each would cover for the other as an alibi at any trial which may eventually take place. It did, the ruse did not work and the imam is in jail. The whole story is up on Vlad at least once if not more times. Would you call that, ‘rape jihad’?

  8. jjk999 what you are talking about is revenge, not vigilante justice. Historically vigilante groups (normally called vigilance committees) were formed when the organized law was no longer protected the public. Lynch mobs could be members of a vigilance committee but were usually a bunch of pissed off citizens who were afraid the guilty party was going to be let off. The left has worked hard to make self defense and revenge vigilante justice but they are really both separate actions.

  9. Eeyore: ABSOLUTELY I would call a campagn of rape instigated by an Imam an instance of rape jihad. That is just the exact sort of story I was looking for but didn’t find. I am aware of the koranic and cultural sources for the crime and have seen imams saying such vile things but didn’t find a specific physical campagn started by an Imam in my search.

    I could never argue that my first amateurish attempt at a media survey was exhaustive by a long shot.

    I will search for the story specifically on this site immediately and examine it. Thanks!

  10. Wow thanks so much! I’ve been looking over the site for 6 hours without success (or rather with sort of success). I am currently on page 18 of the search going back to nov 6 2008. If that amount of articles are available based upon just one search term then you have been doing a truelly herculean amount of work.

    I found the news reports you provide on this page first on http://vladtepesblog.com/?p=10356

    it linked to an article at

    I then went over every article about the case and the criminal I could find.

    I just read the page linked to on the link you just gave at this site. This is all getting far too OT – the scuzz is in jail and there are more important things going on in the world.

    If you like I can email you what I managed to figure out but won’t bother you with it unless you specifically ask. It may be waste of time, it may be nonsense but it is definatly OT so I won’t waste your reader’s time by posting it.

    Thanks for your help and keep up the excellent work!

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