Canadian Immigration – Only The Shadow Knows

By Frosty Wooldridge
For anyone over 50, you will remember the radio show: The Shadow! For only The Shadow knows!

And what does The Shadow know?
In this continuing series, Canadian environmental expert Tim Murray becomes The Shadow. How can Canada keep relentless immigration without dire consequences?
“The things that CBC Pravda and the mainstream media won’t tell you!” said Murray. “They won’t tell you that population growth cannot be decoupled from habitat and farmland loss or green house gas emissions!

“They won’t tell you that Canada can’t add 350,000 consumers to its population every year without inflicting massive ecological damage! They won’t tell you that Canada has the highest population growth rate in the G8 group! They won’t tell you that mass immigration accounts for more than two-thirds of this growth, and that Canada has the highest per capita immigration intake in the world!

“They won’t tell you that only 5% of Canada’s land surface consists of arable land, and that the best of it lies in the south and half of that in Ontario, which lost 600,000 acres in the decade after 1996! They won’t tell you that about 20% of the more than 15,000 square kilometres of irreplaceable farmland that was lost to urbanization was classified as “Class 1”—the very best!

“They won’t tell you that most species-at-risk are found at the perimeter of growing urban centres, a growth substantially fuelled by immigration! They won’t you tell that Canada is a big “little” country. That like Antarctica, it has a large land surface, but not the means to support a large population! Or that Yellowknife in the North West Territories lies at the centre latitude of the country, a country of frigid temperatures! They won’t tell you that three scientific reports-report No. 25 of the Science Council of Canada, a confidential report to the Privy Council in 1991 and the Healey report of 1997—all documented the stress that population growth is putting on ecosystems and agricultural land!
“They won’t tell you about Peak Oil and the implications it has for our food security! And that even if we preserved the farmland we have, its productivity would fall drastically without fossil fuel inputs!

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2 Replies to “Canadian Immigration – Only The Shadow Knows”

  1. This is an interesting article and one that should make anyone who is really concerned about the environment (most activists aren’t) reconsider which side to support.

    Off the subject Nostalgia Ventures is republishing the Shadow stories from the 1930s magazine, they are an interesting read and you will discover that Lamont Cranston wasn’t the Shadow as most people think.

  2. I have also maintained that immigration is a detriment to any CO2 reduction plan, yet the enviro-fascists never advocate an end, or even reduction to immigration. An immigrant from Somalia, for example, increases his CO2 output exponentially when he arrives in Canada. Dirt poor in Somalia, very little CO2 footprint. Arrive in Canada, gov’t sponsored CO2 emitting juggernaut. The only way to meet the enviros CO2 reduction targets is through population decline. One would think they would demand an end to population increases.

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