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3 Replies to “Jihadi fail”

  1. That is what happens when Idiots start playing with lethal weapons. As long as you aren’t there to be injured it is fun to watch the idiots prove how dumb they really are.

    The AK blowing up reminded me of stories about Nam, since Charlie wanted M16s when they could get them we would pull the bullets from several rounds of ammo, replace it with plastic explosive and reseat the bullets. Then they would be loaded into the mag several rounds down, the mag would be dropped where Charlie would find it. Some VC with a M16 would lock the magazine into the piece during a firefight and when the first round with plastic went off the bolt would go back through his head. The others would explode and injure or kill the people near.

  2. In the clip with the large mortar, I never see them take out the dud round. Did they really just keep dropping bombs down the tube one on top of the other? stupid is as stupid does I guess.

  3. Nick I don’t know, the same thought occurred to me as you say stupid is as stupid does and the proved they don’t really know weapons. From people I have talked to at the VA the vast majority of the people we are fighting in Afghan are just like those shown in the clips, we seem to have killed off the intelligent and skilled mountain fighters are are facing the people who don’t have brains enough to do anything besides stand up and charge into massed automatic weapons.

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