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9 Replies to “Pat Condell: Freedom of speech in Europe”

  1. Pat Condell tells it like it is.

    Its a shame that the leaders of the so-called free world ignore people like him in fear of Muslim reprisals.

    I really wish that hundreds of millions of people in the free world would rise up against the spineless leaders and take Islam out of the equation. Its not as if the followers of that death cult are not doing this to us, is it?

  2. Funny aint it Pat ?, how a millenia and a half of your despised Christianity left us with freedom of speech, freedom of action, freedom to like or dislike whom or what we chose to dislike, courts to whom the truth was aparamount virtue, a belief in absolute, self evident right and wrong, a country generally at ease with itself, a “happy breed”.
    Now, after a few decades of your beloved secularism holding sway, wwweeelllll, your video says it all

  3. Paula and Philip I think the secularism of Pat is not such a bad thing. I mean he nails the issues of the day from that point of view. Where I differ from him is that he completely silent when it comes to the fantastic artistic, culteral, and litery and scientific achievements of western christianity. The founder of the Scientific Method a gentleman with the distintly non-islamic name of Bacon was a Monk. However, I will forgive Pat the oversight as regards the brilliance of western christianity as he does do a superb job of telling the islamics to go to hell and if he does it from an amnesiac secularist point of view so be it.

  4. That’s just the trouble mate, good people like yourself and mr Condell can’t seem to grasp that the “secular” values that he professes are really Christian ones, he seems pathologically unable, like so many people, to accept that Christianity is intrinsic to the English culture and, in fact to the person he is – NO Christianity NO us – simple as.
    That being the case mr Condell, nice, articulate, erudite chap that he is,is not part of the answer – he is part of the problem.
    You are so right about the arts and science, none of which would have come about without Christianity.

  5. Freedom of speech is being attacked all around the world, and right now the center seems to be Europe.

    Philip you are right about where the “secular’ values came from, and the secular does seem to be unable to recognize this.

    peadophileprophet I like your new name.

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