The Soviet Story and Hitler’s Mufti.

There are two movies that I am posting specifically because of one of the comment threads on another post. As the commenters point out, Nazism was a kind of communism and was most certainly and, well I can’t say undeniably because the modern left has managed to convince people they were ‘far right wing’.

The movie I am posting below, The Soviet Story, is such an excellent document actually on Soviet Communism that in my opinion, no one should be able to pass grade 10 without succefully completing an exam on this film showing that at least they understand it. Below that, a film I subtitled myself with the help of several very hard working translators on Amin Al Husaini, Hitler’s mufti. Between these two films pretty much anyone should be able to understand the current world situation without much else with the possible exception of the exceptional film, Brainwashing 101

The Soviet Story:

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The Turban and the Swastika: Hitler’s Mufti, Amin Al Husain

Lastly: PJTV’s Bill Whittle with the Narrative