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  1. I haven’t real the entire book yet, but how can you have a book on Jihad without a critical reference to how this is financed? The book makes brief mention of Zakah (Zakat), but explicitly doesn’t expand on what this Zakah may be used for and this omission is important. Zakah is the obligatory tax levied on muslims and is considered one of the five pillars of Islam. The uses of this Zakah are laid out in a short list in Qur’an 9:60

    On this list of permissible uses is money spent, “in the way of Allah”, which is Jihad. So this is what is confusing me: that a book on Jihad seems to ignore how money is funded to pay for this Jihad. Money that is theologically required from muslims can be redirected to fund Jihad. Where this is also important is that shari’a-compliant banking often requires a Zakah payment, and you know now to what purpose this payment can be put.

    Thanks for putting up the link to the book.

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