Iranian in Germany stabs 3 people when asked why he had a sign saying, “Germans are dogs”

Oh multiculturalism. All those fantastic restaurants. I think we would have all starved to death now if it wasn’t for millions of Muslims collecting welfare, blowing up stuff and preaching jihad.

From PI-News:

Machine translation of article in German. Any German speakers are welcome to go to the link and write a good translation in the comments.



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5 Replies to “Iranian in Germany stabs 3 people when asked why he had a sign saying, “Germans are dogs””

  1. The Göttinger Tagblatt shut down the comment section, I wonder why, hehe. An attempted translation follows, although I don’t rly like PI News.
    Göttingen. Stabbing in traffic-free zone. Two people badly hurt on Wender Street, two more lightly injured. 39-year-old man arrested. He had provoked passers-by with a signboard saying ‘Germans are dogs’.
    Paramedics, police cars, police officers and a locked fashion boutique. ‘What’s going on there?’ passers-by who want to go shopping at the H&M are asking themselves. The rescue force’s members don’t know exactly what was going on at 13:15 o’clock. Police officers are asking witnesses, paramedics care about injured. A young woman stands by the barrier tape, shaking and with eyes red swollen from crying. Puddles of blood on the pavement.
    As the police found out, passers-by repeatedly asked the 39-year-old german national of iranian origin to refrain from his provokations. When a man aged 38 years from Herzberg appealed to him, the man from Herzberg was knocked to the ground. According to the police, the german of iranian origin produced a huge kitchen knife. Before he could stab, a 50-years old from Plön and a 26-years-old from Dassel stepped in. The man from Göttingen then badly injured the two with his knife in the following face-off. Only with the intervention of more pedestrians the (hooligan, rioter, troublemaker – hey, that’s what THEY wrote^^) could be stopped. Paramedics brought the injured to hospital, they are not in life-threatening conditions. ‘We have arrested the presumed perpetrator on the spot’, police-spokeswoman Jasmin Kaatz says. It is not the first time, the police had to do with the unemployed man, she says. He remained silent and has a lawyer to represent his case. Yesterday he was brought before a custodial judge on the state attorney”s request. The judge sent him to detention while awaiting trial for charges of attempted manslaughter and grievous bodily harm in two cases.

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