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5 Replies to “Just another disgusting clip of that foaming Mustard dirt bag Anjem Chaudery”

  1. I have two thoughts: first that the no one is reporting that the Moslems consider Spain, Portugal, Sicily, parts of France, parts of Italy, Serbia, Greece and Hungry as Moslem lands because they once conquered them and were forced out.

    The second thought is that if CNN isn’t careful they will become a real news organization rather then a mouth piece for the left.

  2. Let me get this straight. He is saying that Muslims are fighting us because we are in Muslim land. Does this mean we are allowed to defend our lands from Muslim invaders? Is it not our Christian duties to defend Christian land from Muslim Invaders? Muslims need to leave our country or face the consequences. Why is this guy not being arrested for hate speech?

  3. No Gene he doesn’t mean that, he means that we are not allowed to defend ourselves when they attack and that any land that has one Moslem living on it is Moslem land. He wants you to think your interpretation is right, but only until they decide to invade some country.

  4. He tells it like it is. All land belong to Allah and his prophet according to the Muzzies and so belongs to them. On problem all land belongs to the Kuffar. Even Medina was a jewish settlement in the time of the peadophile prophet’s day. Also Mecca belong to the polytheists and so housed the house of idolatry called the kaaba which is so revered today. Ownership changes hands but thank god Mecca and Medina will one day come back to the Jews and the Polythesists such as the Hindus of today. I can not wait to vist the temples of Meccas and the synagogues of Medina. There are plenty of Jewish and Hindu and businessman with enough cash to revive those areas after centuries of domination by the Muzzies. Also Christians and Buddhist and Mormon and Sikhs are welcome to start up some churches, viharas, and chapels and gurdwaras too. It will be an equal opportunity affair.

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