Girl gets a year in jail, 100 lashes for adultery

From The Saudi:


By Adnan Shabrawi

JEDDAH – A 23-year-old unmarried woman was awarded one-year prison term and 100 lashes for committing adultery and trying to abort the resultant fetus.
The District Court in Jeddah pronounced the verdict on Saturday after the girl confessed that she had a forced sexual intercourse with a man who had offered her a ride. The man, the girl confessed, took her to a rest house, east of Jeddah, where he and four of friends assaulted her all night long.
The girl claimed that she became pregnant soon after and went to King Fahd Hospital for Armed Forces in an attempt to carry out an abortion. She was eight weeks’ pregnant then, the hospital confirmed.
According to the ruling, the woman will be sent to a jail outside Jeddah to spend her time and will be lashed after delivery of her baby who will take the mother’s last name. – Okaz/SG __

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3 Replies to “Girl gets a year in jail, 100 lashes for adultery”

  1. This is normal behavior in Islam, a woman/girl is raped and is then jailed and beaten because she had sex outside of marriage, sick. What is sicker is that she will probably be raped repeatedly while in the pen, after all she has proven she is a loose woman.

  2. In your Post a Comment field, you state “Your email is never published nor shared”
    Surely you mean “Your email address is never published nor shared” ?
    The Gremlin strikes again 🙂

  3. It Clearly Seams That That Girls Is Guilty And She Get The Right Judgement From The Judge.

    If Had A Gang Rape The Why She Didn’t Complain About This Very Next Day.

    After 8 Weeks She Complained.
    It Cleared That She Is A Professional Blackmailer For Her Customers.

    As Per My Concerned I Know That Saudi Judges Always Give The Right Judgements.

    And If You Correctly Investigate This Case You Will Find That The Gang Raper Also Get That Serious Punishment. But The Media Just Want To Blame Saudi And Specially ISLAM That’s Why They Just Put The Middle Sentence Of The Case And Rest Of The Story They Don’t Put.

    Saudi Is A Country Who Follow All ISLAMIC Laws Of Judgment And ISLAM Never Ever Say’s To Give Punishment To The Innocent.

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