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6 Replies to “Mark Steyn: “Europe is going to disappear””

  1. I have two children.I dont want anymore but I may have to see if the wife wants another,preferably a girl.The western nations need to encourage their native populations to have more children.Why bring in foreigners to do this.Thatcher killed the family,forcing more and more woman into work ,instead of being at home with children.This is not a chauvinistic view it is reality.My wife does not work,we live on one wage which is difficult but the family is important,not what car you have or career you want.Lets get makin babies and keep muslims to making theirs in their own land.I sound like a nazi,but there you go.Time to wake up.

  2. The population drop is based on what in US conservative circles is called the Roe effect, it was the court decision in Roe v Wade that made abortion legal in the US. Now the conservatives who don’t abort are out breeding the liberals who do. The abortion of unwanted kids is part of the demographics problems.

    It was the leftist economic policies that set off the inflation that forced women into jobs instead of staying at home, blaming Iron Maggie for that is wrong, granted she tried to reverse a lot of the lefts mistakes but couldn’t get all of them reversed. If she hadn’t managed to get a lot of them reversed Britain would have gone bankrupt about 1982.

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