How will the British crown attorney manage to explain this double standard?

This should be interesting. As most of you know, Guramit Singh was arrested for hate speech because of what he said about Islam. None of what he said was untrue, but it was apparently, illegal, or at least illegal enough to arrest and presumably try him for it. Here is the speech in question:

Below, is a video by a British Muslim who overtly threatens his life for speaking out against Islam and Islam’s paedophile Mohamed. This is an unambiguous and clear threat by a young man who is so offended at the idea that Islam encourages violence, that he promises to kill Guramit Singh for saying so.

Would anyone like to take a wager on what will happen to him? Will he be arrested for this threat and if he is, will he do so much as an afternoon in jail? Or community service in the bedroom of the nearest kafir girl? This will be interesting to watch.

Don thank you very much for bringing this to my attention.

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  1. The way things are going in the UK, I believe that the skinny mahoundian scumbag will be knighted for its (not his) “courageous” defense of the religion of the black cube and pedophilia.

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