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8 Replies to “21 Egyptian christians died in bomb blast last night, these are original pictures taken from inside the church in Alexandria”

  1. I get what you mean Daniel. Yeah, I’ve been hearing the “Jews did it” thing already this morning. They are saying it’s the same as some Mossad operation against Nasser’s Egypt way back in the days. So all the Muslims are going to say this was the Jews because even they can see that this is too much. So, what else is new? Muslims think that a thousand people screaming the same lie in unison equals the truth. It wasn’t the Jews, it was Muslims. We know that – let them lie their empty little heads off.

  2. The Jews did it. It seems like the Jews are more powerful than Allah. These Jews are all over the world and everything is their fault. My friend who is a muslim recently had a washing machine broken. I almost felt like telling him the Jews must have broken it. Instead of Inshalla (if Allah wills it) is it not time the muslims started saying Inshyehudi (if the Jews will it).

  3. I like that joke, it is one we all need to remember.

    Here is one I just read:

    Why was Obama disappointed when he saw a screening of “Men who stare at goats”?

    Being a Moslem he expected more romance.

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