From Australian Islamist monitor. An interesting Music video

30 Seconds to Mars – This is War – Music Video. “A Brave New World.” Dedicated to all who have ever fought for freedom.

Comment from film maker:

my film, webmaster. Jihadtube has blocked it in Germany, Israel, Italy, Pakistan, and who knows how many other countries. You can watch or embed at:

+you might like my film on the Taliban.

hope this helps!


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  1. I’ve never seen a video like this, at least not outside of the World War II context. And you know what? I’m not the only person I know who is starting to find out about Islam. Now, if the liberals can only find a way of blaming the whole thing on George Bush, they might even start getting on side.

  2. The video was awesome, Chris the only way the left is going to get on board for this war is if Russia is threatened with destruction by the Moslems, or if Putin declares himself Czar. They opposed WWI and the only reason they supported WWII was Hitler attacking the USSR, what they want is for the west and the Moslems to weaken each other so the left can take over in all nations.

  3. FYI, Putin doesn’t want the US destroyed either, he just wants us weakened, if we are destroyed he will have no place to buy his winters food from.

  4. Richard

    I would say that Russia is more under threat from the Muslims than practically anybody else. I often wonder at how casual they seen about it and how in bed they seem to be with them. Of course, it was the Ruskies who educated them with all those swell documentaries about how the United States is nothing but rich Jews, the KKK, and guys sleeping in doorways. Thanks for that, guys. They’re having riots against “people from the Caucuses”. I think that means Muslims – I’m not sure. When they’re vague about who people are, that usually means Muslims. Russians have a huge thing about Mother Russia, or at least they always did. That might not be a great place for the Muslims to try to take over.

  5. Unfortunately the video is not available in my country……Germany….I guess the Government don’t want me to see this video…therefore it must be true

  6. Fantastic video

    Thank you

    Gene –
    it was most likely for both these reasons. It has a lot of blood and guts in it or right after a long series of blood and guts pics that go by very fast they show Hitler saying, “long live the National Socialist Movement.”

    It drives the left crazy to think their way of thinking was what created the Nazi’s.

  7. Chris you are right the riots were against Moslems from the Caucus, as to why the Russians are working with the Moslems that is simple, they lost the Cold War but didn’t go through a de-communismation period like the de-Nazification period we put the Germans through this has let the communist regain power in Russia. Putin is a committed communist who is willing to allow crony capitalism enrich Russia (as long as most of the money stays in the hands of ex KGB people he probably controls) but is working hard to return Russia to a full communist government. He also wants to restore Russia to full Soviet power and stature, to do this he has to drastically reduce the power of the US. Russia is using leftist in the US and Europe along with attacks from the Moslems to weaken us, this is a tactic that can turn around and bite Russia in the butt, but no one said they weren’t brave or good gamblers. I personally think that Russia is going to be greatly damaged by the Moslems in the coming years and won’t be able to return to the status of a major power for the better part of the 21st Century. What is going to happen to the US and if we will remain a major power is still in question but as Ambrose Evens-Pritchard said in the Daily Telegraph no matter what the US will remain a food superpower and if you want to eat you will have to pay our price for the food.

    During the Cold War I was only worried a couple of times about the possibility of a nuclear exchange because Russia was spending so much money for American food. If they nuked us who would they end up buying their food from? Australia was busy selling to China, South America to Europe and Canada is close enough that if we are taken out so are they.

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