The Tundra Tabloids friend and colleague, Elisabeth Sabaditch-Wolff asks the TT to publish the following news about a symposium that took place just before Christmas. An Israeli Arab member of parliament, Ayoob Kara,  gave an important speech that needs to be spread throughout the blogosphere. KGS

ESW: The day before Christmas the Freedom Party (FPÖ) invited the interested public to a symposium titled: “Peace in the Middle East – A Pious Hope?” with minister Ayoub, Mr. Strache, Mr. David Lasar and other high-ranking FPÖ officials on the podium.

NOTE: Pic of news clipping provided by ESW

Ayoob Kara:

It is important to cooperate with every element, organization or party to fight terror, religious fundamentalism, which is a problem and danger to the entire world. I want to mee with Europeans because the same thing happened 60 years ago [alluding to the dangers prior to the Nazi takeover of Germany and World War II]. People were naive back then, they are naive now. People are not speaking out loud about the problems. Muslims are killing people everyday, but nothing is happening [no one is reacting].

I want to thank Mr. Strache, FPÖ, and all parties in Europe that Israel is on the frontline [of this war]. In the future there will be organizations in the every corner. Today in Israel, tomorrow in Sweden in Austria, everywhere.

I am not Jewish, but I am more Jewish than the Jews themselves. Non-Jews in Israel feel the same as Jews. I will fight with my Druse friends. They [the Muslims] hate us, they kill [us], and we defend Israel, we fight for Israel. There are only two million of us [Druse]. In Syria, Druse are sent to jail, there is no defense possible.

Other Arab states are sending messages to Israel that they are afraid of Iran and fundamentalism, but they cannot say it publicly. People are afraid because there are no human rights in the Middle East.

We must stop these fundamentalist organizations. Islam says: “We have the solution. All must submit to Islam.” But I like liberal life. They hate my policies. I speak out: I want the world to be free. Seventy years ago, people were quiet and did nothing to stop the situation. I am here today [to say]: Let us stop Islamic fundamentalism together before Iran attacks us. If you are afraid, you cannot stop anything. [But] we must stop this.

In Israel, they are saying: “Why are you going to Austria?”

I say: “Let us be together! I am glad to be sitting here next to my friend HC Strache!”

NOTE: As soon as Strache’s speech is translated, the Tundra Tabloids will publish it here. This is what the FPÖ’s Heinz-Christian Stache said while taking the podium just after Kara’s speech:

Strache’s reply: “I was not in Israel incognito. I was in a dialogue with minister Kara. It is important to have dialogue. Mr. Kara has been criticized heavily by Ariel Muzicant [the leader of the Jewish Faith Community in Vienna]. This is absurd! It is a result of the SPÖ (Social Democratic Party) and its ideology. FPÖ has been denounced for decades. But the ideals of freedom must be defended!.


  1. Ayoob Kara: “Other Arab states are sending messages to Israel that they are afraid of Iran and fundamentalism, but they cannot say it publicly.”

    We have to support the sunni-arab tyrants against Iran, but they are afraid to say so in public?! That’s…cute.

    Ayoob Kara: “People are afraid because there are no human rights in the Middle East.”

    Those very same sunni arab countries, run by sunni-arab tyrants who make sure that there are no human rights in their own countries, are asking ‘us’ for (so-called) ‘help’ against the ‘threat’ of Iran?! Sure they do. But their populations? Don’t try to make me laugh.

    Boy-o-boy, are you confused, and boy-oboy are you trying to confuse us, Mr. Ayoob Kara. Please, don’t try to take us for a ride.

  2. Wolfgang they probably are afraid of Iran, the Sunni’s and the Shia have been fighting since the 8th Century over who will control all of Islam, the Sunni are currently on top but the Shia are making great gains. Combine this with the racism of the Arabs against the Persians and you have a major outbreak of paranoia based on the Iranian quest to get nuclear weapons. Don’t forget that during the Crusades there were several civil wars in Islam going on at the same time they were fighting the Crusaders.

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