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5 Replies to “Video on the terror plot on Denmark’s Jelands Posten”

  1. More and more Muslims are demanding that all critics of Islam be punished.

    This happens all over the world, yet the west still insists on bringing immigrants into the region under the lame pretext that they are “refugees”.

    The only real refugees of Islam are those who are either dead or imprisoned. All the rest appear to be the fifth column that leaders are now waking up to.

    All Europe is at risk of becoming Islamicized.

    Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the UK and Belgium are on the cusp of falling to Islam. Will the rest of Europe do the right thing an ban all immigrants from sharia-ruled lands?

    Will the west and the free world accept that the hordes of Muslim immigrants who arrive are not there to be assimilated or seek a better life, but to destroy what they perceive is “un-Islamic” as defined by their leaders?

    The criticism will continue as more and more people understand that wherever Muslims go, there also goes sharia law and hatred of others.

    May Denmark and the rest of Europe “do the right thing”…

  2. Everything you say is right, RRWest. It’s too bad Al Gore used up the name, “An Inconvenient Truth”. A movie with that name should be made about Islam, with the inconvenient truth being that the Quran commands its followers to do things that are highly illegal – like murder. Islam, if it were to be fairly judged, would be illegal in every non-Islamic country in the world. That’s why they are so desparate to stop us from discussing Islam – they know it really should be banned in a non-Islamic country, along with serial killers and NAZIs. And maybe there is a way to deport people, even if they are born in your country. How about offering them a choice between a nice internment camp, or five grand and a ticket to Tunisia.

  3. All the CRAP that is being perpetrated in Western Nations by Islamists could very easily be prevented.
    All it takes is for decision-making politicians to show some Guts, and anounce that Enough is Enough! And then start deporting the vast majority of Muslims from their nations…
    Jeez, what does it take for governments to get rid of the Islamic Scourge that is ruining their civilized homelands ! What are they waiting for?!

  4. 12 Jihadis arrested in England just prior to Christmas.

    Now we have the news

    12 Jihadis arrested in the Netherlands

    and 12 Jihadis arrested in Denmark.


    When the first 12 were arrested in England, I thought Hmm – 12 days of Christmas Hmm.

    But now we have two further incidents of 12 Jihadis.


    There are 6 more days to run before the end of the 12 day Christmas period.

  5. Rick we are waiting until the majority of people in our nations wake up to the threat, or at least enough people to elect politicians that will address the problem.

    DP111 I don’t know if the 12 are because of the 12 days of Christmas or because they have decided (like the US Green Berets) that 12 men give them the best mix of skills needed to carry out their attacks. I would have to have access to the prisoners and have someone translate before I could make up my mind.

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