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8 Replies to “Miracles in Koran being taught in UK schools as science.”

  1. The man is putting out a lot of good information there, the only problem I have with it is that evolution is still just a theory, it hasn’t been proven and a lot of scientists will tell you (in private and not for attribution) that life is too complex to have come about by accident. In other words they think directed evolution is what happened but are afraid to speak their minds because the PC left controls the purse strings and they are afraid of losing their funding.

  2. Richard, you are so full of sh*t that I can’t even address how ignorant you are of evolutionary theory. Practically every scientist alive owes a debt to the proponents of evolution. And practically every scientist alive understands that evolution and its theories are the sum of thousands of researchers looking at the data in front of them and trying to make sense of it.

    But on to the wretched state of affairs in the UK.

    Islam has no science, no human rights, no reason for existing. To claim that mountains “Stabilize the earth” is so far from the truth that it hurts. If Islam wasn’t so deadly, this would be a joke.

    So sad that Britain has become Britainistan in a few short years.

    May the EDL be victorious against the idiots who think that Islam is a religion.

  3. RR West is there a way to say that without insulting one of Vlad’s kindest and most intelligent readers? Evolution is just a theory. But so is gravity and frankly, evolution is a theory that takes a great deal of personal commitment to understand. It is complex and the vast vast majority of people who ‘believe in it’ do so as an alternative dogma. If you question them it becomes clear that for them, evolution is a politically correct creation myth.

    To properly understand it requires some understanding of game theory as well as a willingness to read Dawkins and or Darwin and think about it. It is beyond many people entirely and most of us if we are not willing to put in the effort. FWIW, the same is true of gravity.

  4. I think that life, the fact that piles of molecules can actually talk to each other and, most important, actually care that they’re alive, is one huge honkin’ miracle no matter how you cut it. I would say it’s pretty obvious that miraculous forces are at work, forces that little mice like us simply cannot understand. At least not yet. But we can see that things cause other things that cause other things and so on. We can see that. And we can see that things change.

  5. Thank you Eeyore, oldguy and Chris, I will maintain my belief in directed evolution and trust the scientists I know that say the same, of course they refuse to say it openly because of reactions like that of RRWest and fear of losing their funding. The world is in bad shape when scientists have to follow a certain dogma in public to remain active in their chosen profession.

  6. No question that evolution is directed. Natural selection is directed. The questions remain about the director. One of the straw men arguments against evolution is the nonsense that it is random. Of course it is not. It cannot be. There are always forces at work which assist outcomes. The issue is whether or not these forces are natural.

  7. Very true, if they are then I am wrong, if they aren’t we are then stuck asking who did the directing? Was it God or ET? You take your pick and take your chance.

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