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3 Replies to “Sam Harris on Islam. An interview and a really excellent one.”

  1. I disagree with him on his stand on all religions, and I don’t think we will ever be just one world culture or nation but he is right about a lot. It is the religious people in the West who are recognizing the danger from Islam and the non religious who are unable to see the danger. Because they don’t believe in God they think no one really believes in God, and are thus unable to understand why the jihadists are willing to blow themselves up for Allah. And they are unable to understand why the (at the moment) non violent Moslems are making excuses for the violent Moslems, after all they can’t be taking the orders from Mohammad not to criticize other Moslems in front of Infidels seriously.

    He has identified the problem, now he needs to find a solution, and I don’t think he will be able to.

  2. I think he is kind of real liberal. The kind who does not have an automatic hate button against his own way of life which is western and superior to any other on the planet.

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