Spain: Muslims sue teacher for speaking about ham in class

The story below is surreal. A few short years ago, there is no way any of us would believe seriously that this could have happened. Now, a teacher in Spain is actually in real trouble, whether it is criminal, fear for his future or job, or a civil suit for just mentioning ham. We are indeed in a state of dhimmitude.

From Tea And Politics:

Spanish ham (absolutely offensive to “Ham-o-phobic” Muslims…)

According to the account of the facts, the teacher was explaining the different climates in a geography class and cited the village of Trevelez due to its cold and dry climate. According to the newspaper account, ”as a story, the teacher told his students that such a climate was conducive to making hams (this refers to the procedure that it’s necessary between the pig is killed and the ham is actually ready to be eaten). Then the student asked the teacher not to speak of hams since it offended him, because he was a Muslim. “

The teacher told the students that in his classes, he did not consider the religion of their students, but apparently the family did not stay at home when they learned the facts, to the extent that they went to the National Police to file a complaint without speaking in advance with the teacher.

According to ”El Diario de Cádiz“, the teacher “is accused of being the author of an alleged crime of abuse of workers, also alleging racist and xenophobic motives. “ His school colleagues can’t believe what has happened and speak about the impeccable record of teaching reported.

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5 Replies to “Spain: Muslims sue teacher for speaking about ham in class”

  1. When you Spanish allowed yourselves to be faced down like you did after the Muslims attacked you years ago, what did you think was going to happen?

  2. Lots of angry comments from the Spaniards
    I’ll quote how #121 refers to followers of the religion of peace as
    “a los seguidores del pedófilo inventor del islam”
    #136 says the story confirms we are a nation of idiots
    They need another El Cid

  3. I hope to have the two original Newspaper sources translated within 24 hours and have them up probably as a new post. Check back. One is from the teachers perspective, the other, the Muslim student’s.

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